Any major dating site is a platform with a multi-million audience. And the users here are very diverse. Despite all their diversity, it is possible to divide them all into several categories. Both men and women. This is what we will do today: we will try to look at the most common types of dating site users and consider whether it is worth getting involved with them.

Types of men on dating services

1. Regular guys looking for a life partner. Yeah, there's a lot of them. And a lot more than it was years ago. They are restrained in their actions, choose their partner carefully, do not always rush to an actual meeting and take a lot of interest in the interlocutor. It's definitely worth continuing to communicate with them and trying to take it offline.
2. "Princes." They often engage in narcissism and know how to present themselves. At the same time, such men are more likely to seek recognition than relationships. They may not agree to a real meeting, behave sometimes arrogantly, looking for a "cover girl". Usually to no avail.
3. Married men. Typically, these gentlemen do not like to communicate for a long time on the Internet and try to quickly transfer the dialogue offline. Often they use other people's photos, nicknames or made-up names to hide their presence on the dating site. Dates are arranged in places that are not the most popular and at time that is not the most usual. For example, on a weekday lunch. That should put you on your guard.
4. Scammers and swindlers. They shower you with compliments, begin to work with the interlocutor to plan a happy future, trying in every way to gain confidence. Often presenting themselves as foreigners. Then it is not uncommon to be asked to send money due to some "problems". Of course, no money should be sent to anyone.
5. Simple fakes. It could be teenagers looking to have fun or prove themselves, guys who are bored, or regular spammers. They also tend to use other people's photos and names.

Types of girls in video chats and dating apps

1. Girls and women who are looking for love. Basically the same as the first type of guys. They usually have pretty discreet photos, detailed profile descriptions, and many have age listed. Such girls rarely write first and carefully choose with whom they are ready to communicate and with whom they are not. They go on a live date willingly, but not immediately.
2. "Princesses." Same situation as the Princes. Sometimes too narcissistic and overconfident. Instantly weed out anyone who doesn't fall even slightly under their ideal. They are looking for their prince on a white horse - rich, handsome and generous. Or they don't look for anyone at all, but use dating sites as a place for self-love and in search of compliments.
3. Too in love. Very sociable, friendly, easy-going and sympathetic. It seems you should be happy about that. But! The love of such a girl can be real. But it won't last long. A month goes by, and then she's not interested in you anymore. Such girls have a childish mindset and tend to be immature.
4. "Virtual" girls. They can be excruciatingly long to communicate with a man by correspondence, but will not agree to any other format of communication. Especially in real meetings. Maybe the girl just isn't sure of herself. Or trying to get to know a man as well as possible. Either she has some completely unexpected reasons for not transferring communication beyond correspondence. But if you see yourself treading water with such a girl, ask straight up if and when she plans to see you. Maybe you shouldn't waste your own time.
5. Easy-relationship seekers. It's not hard to recognize them. Revealed photos, meaningful descriptions, that sort of thing. It is not uncommon for such girls to say directly that they are looking for a "sponsor" or even to offer intimacy for money. Or they hint at it only indirectly, pointing out that the man should have a car, an apartment, a good job and so on. It's up to you to decide if you're ready to have a relationship with girls like that.

Where to find your love and not to run into questionable personalities?

Fortunately, there are dozens or even hundreds of options available to the modern man on how to meet interesting people online. Each of them has both advantages and disadvantages. Let's take a look at some of the most popular options.

1. Dating sites and apps. The fastest option is to find a date. Such services help a user in every possible way to meet potential partners and often recommend profiles themselves based on interests, age, geolocation and other parameters. We advise you to register on at least 2-3 sites to increase your chances of success.
2. Social media and messengers. Although these sites are not specifically geared towards finding a couple, it is feasible to find someone for a relationship here. Be active in social networks, subscribe to thematic groups and channels, participate in group chats and so on. Perhaps your destiny is lurking somewhere among the subscribers of one of the groups.
3. Online video chats. If you love to meet and connect with new people and aren't afraid to video chat, this is a great choice. First of all, video chats allow you to start communicating right away without any extra actions: registration, profile filling and so on. And secondly, getting to know each other is much faster than in a text correspondence.
4. Other platforms. This can be almost any resource on the web - from a small thematic forum to a local online news publication. Perhaps you'll meet your future soulmate at all in the comments under the famous blogger's post. Such a possibility certainly cannot be ruled out these days.

The main thing is not to be afraid to make the first step, try to be more sociable and learn to be a better judge of people. And remember, the types of men and women listed above on dating sites are just a convention. It's impossible to know 100% what kind of person is in front of you until you get to know them better. So don't jump to conclusions, study your interlocutors and be objective in any situation.

Article source: https://coomeet.com/.