While some people are convinced that dating is made for young people, it’s far from reality: people of different ages fall in love, date, and start serious relationships with someone they like a lot. Modern men often become the most interesting, charismatic, confident, accomplished, and attractive when they’re in their 40’s or a bit over.

Some men age like wine, and whether you’re a single guy who wants to start dating someone new after a breakup or a person who has finally become ready for something serious, it’s time for you to go online and try one of the best dating sites for men over 40.


Nowadays lots of people age so gracefully that they don’t feel or look according to their age, and you don’t have to be a celebrity to look great in your 40’s and start dating someone. Also, a guy’s sense of humour, great character, and kind heart are much more valuable for every woman than looks. One of the most important dating rules for men over 40 is to stay young at heart and be mentally ready to allow a new person into their hearts: we all have our scars and negative past experiences but they should never compromise your happy future. Lots of single women who have interests, tastes, and life goals that are similar to yours would like to try dating men over 40 because they are interesting, they know how to woo a lady and have experience, so don’t hesitate and check the list of the best dating apps for men over 40 that can help you a lot:

Tinder is one of the most popular options among both young and mature people: the service is extremely simple and easy to understand, so lots of new users join the service daily and visit it regularly. The service has a reputation as a platform for one-night stands, so if that’s what you want, then you should give it a chance. It doesn’t mean that you can’t find a long-term partner there though: many single women would prefer stable and committed relationships over hookups, so you can find a long-term partner there as well. The most important advice for men dating over 40 is to know what you actually want from online dating and to be straightforward about it. Adult women don’t want to waste their time on men who pretend to want relationships when they’re just into hookups, and these ladies are often ready for casual sex without any commitments - so you don’t need to pretend anymore;

SilverSingles is a service for people over 50 who want to find love: it’s a platform for mature people who already know what they want in life and have enough experience to make it work. If you’re interested in finding someone who can become your loyal partner and friend for many years, then visit the service and find someone who will be true and loving;

EliteSingles is a service for people with high standards. If you’re a specialist in your field, have a good education, and want to date someone whose views and ambitions are similar to yours, then this service is perfect for you. Lots of people who have businesses and make good careers start serious dating in their 40’s, so it’s a perfect website to start your searching. The service isn’t as arrogant as it may seem from first sight, so give it a chance - but remember that a perfect woman is usually looking for a perfect man;

Match.com is one of the most famous dating services in the US and abroad, so it has huge popularity and lots of unique visitors per month - and it makes your chances to meet a perfect partner higher. The service allows you to browse it for free but you need a subscription to do more - this approach allows the service to avoid users who have no serious intentions to find a good partner. The platform is comfortable to use and it can actually help you to have matches with women who have lots in common with you, so answer the questions honestly to achieve a perfect match based on mutual understanding and compatibility;

If you’re a person who is attentive to the smallest details and dreams of finding a woman with perfectly suitable character and goals, then eHarmony is a great service for you. The website has over 150 questions for you to collect more information about your personality and preferences, so you can be sure that the system will work fine and show you singles who have lots in common with you. Though it may take some time to answer all quizzes, it’s worth it: it allows the system to analyze your goals and tastes deeply and present a great result. The platform has more functions available for paid users, so consider using a paid subscription too;

Hinge is a nice and relatively cheap dating platform that asks for only $7 per month to provide a decent dating experience. This is a classic modern dating service with likes, winks, and a searching algorithm that works nice, so you won’t get bored there. The platform is easy to use and it has lots of unique visitors every week, so your chances to meet a perfect woman there are pretty high;

Bumble is a service that pushes women to message first, so if you’re tired of being initiative all the time, then the platform is perfect for you. The service allows you to send the first message to users who like you back only for 24 hours, so it’s a platform that makes you more initiative and decisive. Not all women are ready for that, so prepare yourself for lots of attractive women who will like your profile but will be too shy to send a message. At the same time, the service is pretty functional and popular, so it’s liked by users a lot;

Dating.com is a platform that has about two decades of experience and knows what men want from quality dating. The service has all the important functions including smart searching and mutual likes for messaging, so it’s a decent and user-friendly platform for everyone. Create an account there to find a perfect woman and reach the happiness you deserve!