Friends ended on a high note. A happy ending of sorts. But this one fan decided that with today's brand of storytelling, the whole thing could have been a whole lot different. A whole lot darker. In fact, a whole lot more depressing. This isn't the 'Friends' you would watch in the 90s. 


He made it all look as if the whole series was a delusion cooked up by a meth-addicted Phoebe. Gareth Stranks reveals the dark side of it all:


He said:

'I’d been watching Friends on Sunday afternoon with my girlfriend and our flatmate.

'We were talking about the big themes you could draw out from the show over all ten seasons and I thought it would be hilarious if Friends had a stupidly dark alternative ending.'

Adding that Phoebe is his least favourite character, he said: 'I realised Phoebe’s character is often referred to as an outsider, and her history living on the streets is often referenced.

'After that I added in the cheesy over-used “it was all a dream!” trope and that was it. The rest of the idea naturally fell into place after that.'


Could this finally explain...Smelly Cat?