‘Failure is one of the most negative terms known to men. It scares people, frightens them to their core. Failing is synonymous with a nightmare and can turn into an embarrassment. Failure gives rise to fear, self-doubt, low self-esteem, broken dreams, and ruined futures. Failure serves as a significant setback, demotivates an individual, and details one from their path. The terms hold immense negative power that can prevent one from achieving their dreams.  


Failure is a part of life, and there is nothing one can do to escape it. However, it is nothing more than a hoax, a deception, and a way to make a person go astray. The people who can succeed in life and make a name for themselves in the world are not privileged. Instead, they live with an understanding that failure is just a step forward towards their destination. 

While the world thinks that failures in life, ruin their effort, and bring them back at square one is wrong. Failure is that part of life that helps people learn invaluable lessons, something they cannot learn if they succeed in life without facing any challenges. Mike Adeyemo, professionally known as Truth, is the founder of Truth Records and WTL Investors Inc. He is a music artist and a successful entrepreneur. He was not born in a renowned and successful family; instead, he built his life from scratch. It was after multiple failures that he helped him get stronger and much more determined to achieve his goals than he was at the start of his journey. 

The young Mike, who was born in Lagos, Nigeria, on August 25, 1983, was always passionate about music. He loved performing in front of his parents and four siblings. His father gifted him with a toy piano, and it helped him develop strong skills for music. He even joined Angelican Church Imesi Ekiti’s choir, located in his father’s hometown. Opportunities were about to knock on his door when he was 15 years old as he, along with his family, relocated to Maryland, United States. 

He completed his high school education at Duval High School. He then completed his further education from Bowie State University, Prince Georges Community College, UMUC, and the University of Phoenix. The passionate, determined and focused Mike was not ready to step into the music industry, which he admired so much. 

Mike decided to set up a music label and laid the foundation of Jill Entertainment in 2004. He signed Slim-mo as the label’s first music artist. They worked together on the record label’s first-ever release. The album that they worked on was titled “The Struggle.” The album hit the market in 2005, and Mike was hopeful about its success. However, it turned out to be a huge failure and the first failure in Mike’s life. 

He gave up on the idea of a record label and decided to set up a marketing and promotions agency under the name “Jil inc.” It was launched as a sub-division of Jill Entertainment. Using this platform, he worked with artists, including Young Buck from G-UNIT, Jamaican artist Lady-Saw, and some underground artists. What seemed to be a successful venture went into loss in 2008 due to the recession in the country. It was the second consecutive failure in his life. 

He was heartbroken as he just faced two consecutive failures in his life. Things did not seem to work in his favor. Therefore, he took a different turn and stepped into the corporate world. In 2010, he founded the WTL Investors Inc., in 2010. It turned out to be a huge success, and Mike even launched several other divisions under it, including WTL Wireless Solutions, WTL Tags & Title, and WTL Pack & Ship. His business helped him acquire funds to step back into the music industry. 

Truth Records was founded in Nigeria in 2016, and four underground artists were signed under the label. Once again, his venture failed, and it was a major setback in his life. However, he did not give up. Instead of hiring any other artist, he decided to sign himself up to his label. He took up the stage name, “Truth,” and began working on his craft. 

Three years after the label was formed, Mike ‘Truth’ Adeyemo, released his first single, “Hallelujah” on June 1, 2019. The single was a hit, and it helped both Mike, as well as his music label, establish a firm ground in the music industry. Just a few months later, Truth released his sophomore single, “Bigger Man.” In October 2019. 
He did not let failure turn into fear in his life. In fact, he used his failures to grow and stand back up with much strength and determination. Truth wants to spread the message that he learned from his life that failure is a step forward towards success to all the youngsters who are frightened of failure and are afraid to take risks. He wants them to understand that failure builds the path, which leads one to success.