As a man it’s always important that your image fits the lifestyle that you’re aiming for. Too many forget the notion of dressing for success and that you’re more likely to get what your want when you already present yourself as if you have it. This article is a guide to how you can start changing your style to match your goals. When you have the presentation down, the rest will follow a lot more easily providing you want it.

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Exude confidence

The most important factor, but not the only one, of maintaining an image of class and success is confidence. No matter how you look and what you wear, if you don’t project your self-belief, then no-one else is going to take the time to believe in you. Learn how to turn that false bravado into real confidence. Always make sure your body language isn’t self-deprecating or nervous looking. Don’t be afraid to come off too confident. It’s better than looking like you have no self-belief.

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Get some new wheels

If you’re driving the same car you’ve had for ten years, it might be time for a replacement. A new car is a new way of displaying yourself, of giving yourself a fresh start that the whole world can see. It doesn’t have to be an overly flashy model, so long as it’s quality. A new Volkswagen can make the statement in a less exuberant way than a Lexus.

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Dress for success

As we hinted up top, how you dress plays a big role in how people see you. If you plan on getting yourself to a higher level of success than before, you need to look like the man for the job, not the man who wants the job. Paying little heed to your fashion and putting only half an effort into your appearance will only serve to under-sell yourself. There are clothing subscriptions you can get that help even the busiest men plan an outfit that will help them stay on top form at all times.

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The temple

Speaking of staying on top form, it’s just an important what’s under the clothes as the clothes themselves. If you’re not already on top of it, start taking steps to improve your health and fitness. Besides making it all the easier to present yourself, it can naturally give you that confidence you might not yet have in yourself. It also helps make you more motivated and gives you the energy you need to seize that day. No matter what you earn, it can be difficult to feel successful if you’re still uncomfortable in your own skin.

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Update your home

Make sure your surroundings reflect who you want to be as much as your personal style does. Don’t resign yourself to living in a place that looks drab or outdated. Take the time to make your home’s look a contemporary one. An energetic, classy home will naturally reflect on you as you spend time in it. Just as a dull, unorganised mess can have its effects, too.