Startups are young and disruptive businesses that offer new, untried services and goods. The hardest thing for you as a new business is getting the word out and perspective customers trusting the same/better delivery that older enterprises offer. Here is where Instagram comes in as the ultimate tool for propelling your startup into fortune 400 status. Instagram is the boss of all social media.


It has serious reach across all geographies, creeds, and ideologies. Over 500 million people are active daily posting over 95 million photos. It is also worthy to note that 70% of all American companies have a significant Instagram presence with 60% of all the users on IG following one or more company profiles.
With a little enlightenment, planning, and sweat, you too as a startup can harness the powers of this brilliant platform.  

Hashtags Trend on Instagram
Hashtags are an essential aspect of each post you make on Instagram. The unique thing about Instagram hashtags is that they provide you with a way of exploring posts submitted to the platform based on what you like. For example, a motoring enthusiast may search for hashtags like #motors to discover car related content.

As a startup, you can target the right hashtags can place your business in a position of better visibility. By searching for the most used hashtags and adding them to your post. A way to avoid being outshined by other posts with the same hashtags you, select hashtags within a relevant niche.

You Can Tag Active Users 
The secret source of trending on Instagram is having posts that get more likes and comments in the initial period of posting. The Instagram Algorithms identifies your posts for high engagement potential, and content is consequently moved up your followers’ newsfeeds. 

A great way of attaining these results is by tagging active followers to all your post. As soon as you do this, the followers get a notification, which prompts them to like and comment on posts. This interaction can be a way of not only growing on IG but also educating people on your startup and getting valuable feedback.

Automate Repetitive Processes 
As a startup, time, manpower and other priorities take time and energy, leaving little to be active on social media. Instagram has many features that come I n handy in maintaining a semblance of activity like posting on schedule. To add steroids to your Instagram’s profile, a service like Magicsocial will do mundane tasks on your behalf. They will target real followers that add value to your profile and ensure you have robust sustainable growth.

Collaboration with Influencers
Influencer marketing is among the most used marketing tactics for startups. It works because it combines the credibility of a well-known figure and “word of mouth” to evangelize a brand. It’s more like using someone else’s credibility to grow yours. 

What’s more, it doesn’t even have to involve money or a celebrity. All you need to do is to identify Instagrammers from your industry with a significant following and a lot of activity and to reach out to them with a proposal. Money is usually the best way to grease the wheels, but you can also batter with them for something that you can give them in return.

Instagram Ads Have Better Reach
Lean and Pennywise is the definition of most startups. For this reason, many of them fail to see advertising as a way to grow their influence and maximize their return on investment (R.O.I). Instagram stands the social media platform with attractive and rewarding advertisement schemes for building your brand.

For one thing, it has a vast reach and the content submitted is visual, which enhances the effectiveness of branding and marketing campaigns. Ads on Instagram also do better than Facebook and Twitter.

Packed With Amazing New Features
Instagram’s core algorithms undergo some of the most radical improvements and developments of any social media platform. In the past few years, live video and stories have indeed changed the game. This continual advancement in the App makes keeping up a very engaging process. Instagram always make sure to inform and push these new features on us.

Embracing and using these new features as soon as they are out is the best way to jump onto Instagram’s promotion for the features and being seen by more people. This feature may not count for much in raising followers’ numbers; nonetheless, it increases engagement and exposure.