Instagram is a great popular social media platform where everybody wants to get popular. Creating an instagram account is easy but to get lots of fans a tough task for everyone.

Every person have an instagram account but some get famous because they know some easy tricks to boost their social media profiles.When you have huge fans on your instagram account you will got more attention more people visits on your profiles more views ,likes and your or your business  reputation automatically increases.

So, come to the point of how to get real Instagram followers? These are some of the proven techniques to get more followers on Instgaram.

Build a genuine customer base

More Instagram followers will help you to promote your brand or business .when you have a business account genuine customers stay at your profile and share their reviews about your business we will get more engagements and new visitors.Automatically people start following you.

Make real friends 

Instagram users increases with time,millions of users are active and many people already having their just make reply to their comments and messages make a strong connections with your followers so they always recommend you and promotes you.After that you will get huge number of followers.

Expert in your specific niche

If you work in the particular niche as you are an actor,singer you will get popularity  on the basis of your niche.when your work get famous among people they will share your post on other sites which you can get fame 

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