Miami, 25 January, 2014: Justin Bieber was arrested this morning on charges of DUI and illegal drag racing. The judge presiding over the matter didn't take too kindly to the young pop star endangering lives on the road and has decided to expedite legal procedures to sentence him to a full six months in jail with no possible parole for good behavior.

They also gave him a wig so that he could "fit in" while holding back his tears. Don't ask.
image credits: Orange is the new Black

The judge said that he hoped this would set precedence to all young celebrities who skyrocket to fame in such a short period of time that being famous doesn't mean you can do all sorts of things that break the law.

Here he is being told about "the rules" of prison life. Bet he wishes he was home in his mansion right now
image credits: Orange is the new Black

The judge also considered reprimanding Bieber for acts against other countries such as Brazil and Australia for allegedly tagging their walls with graffiti art. In an unusual move, the judge agreed to lighten the artist's sentence and send him to a female prison because Bieber might be too pretty. It may also be safer for him, though this is entirely speculation.

Coincidentally, this was also the day they decided to screen "Believe." Justin does not look too happy
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At the time of sentencing, Bieber's rep couldn't be reached and Canada refused to comment or offer its apology to the world.

Justin finally found someone to sit with him during lunch. It looks like he won't be so lonely after all
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The sentencing was immediate and a paparazzi crew managed to sneak this leaked pics of Bieber in jail. It looks like he'll be having lots of time to rethink his life decisions.