This mural that was spotted in Johor Bahru City was created by Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic last week as a commentary to the rising crime rate in the area. The mural depicts a lady minifig casually carrying a shopping bag, not knowing that a minifig robber is just around the corner.


The art soon became a trending photo spot in the city, but some Johor authorities weren't so sure about the message. Local mayor Ismail Karim had threatened to erase the mural, while Johor executive councillor Tee Siew Kiong said it would remain provided that a Lego policeman was added in.


The request was later complied by four unidentified youths, but the attempt appeared to be insufficient to save the mural. Council workers have since painted over the artwork, prompting even more of an outcry.

Now if only the local authorities could be just as focused in reducing the state's crime rate as they are in making a ruckus over just one minor mural.

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