Are you excited for Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street? Well, you should be.

But beyond all the debauchery and naked scenes, Jed Diamond of the The Good Men Project has listed down a couple of important life lessons that you'll only learn from watching Jordan Belfort's own insane life unravel onscreen:

1. Sex matters.

When we’re talking about males and females (whether they are male and female monkeys, zebras, or human beings) sex matters. There’s a lot of sex in the movie, most of it raw, addictive, and not very pretty. But there is a primal vitality to desire for sex and more sex.

But sex matters in another way. Most of the young stock brokers, and hence the players, in this movie are males. In the “fun and games” that play out repeatedly these are clearly male fun and games. We all know that males and females are different (as well as similar in many ways), but the difference goes right down to our DNA.

2. Sex can be as addicting as cocaine.

In the movie it’s clear that in their quest for power, pleasure, and plenty, the guys become addicted to drugs. They get hooked on alcohol, cocaine, and Quaaludes. But sex also becomes addictive as they party with prostitutes and have sex wherever and whenever possible.

3. Many of us settle for sex when we’re really looking for love.

All the guys in the film are driven. They’re clearly looking for love, but they’re looking in all the wrong places. Their relationships are a mess. They have trouble relating to women with warmth and intimacy. And they end up alone, but still hoping for the next big score that will make them feel like real men.

4. There is a strong drive to be part of a male tribe.

One of the most compelling aspects of the movie was the passion, pride, and solidarity that the brokers had as they worked together to make more money. DeCaprio was an inspiring leader who people wanted to follow. The feeling of being “one of the gang” and being part of something bigger than ourselves, is one we all share.

5. The same forces that bring us together within a tribe often pit us against other tribes.

There is a strong sense of camaraderie that the guys have in working together as a team—doing deals, making money, having fun. But as they turn their attention outwards they see other groups as suckers to be used. They have little care or compassion for the people who make it possible for them to become rich. As DiCaprio says, “Our job is to take their money and transfer it to our pockets.”

6. The way we treat “them” is the way we ultimately treat ourselves.

There’s an old saying: When we point our finger at others, three fingers are pointed back at ourselves. Ultimately the deceit and dishonesty that are directed at the people they swindle comes back to destroy their lives. Everyone’s problems get worse as they begin to suffer from erectile dysfunction, anger and rage,depression, and the destruction of their marriages. Truly, what goes around, comes around.

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