Nowadays Russian brides are quite popular among foreigners. They are intelligent, beautiful, and make perfect mothers and wives. No wonder that so many foreign people want to have a Russian bride. Somehow, what these men prefer to do is to invite her to live with him in his native country.

Men are often fond of their jobs and the property, so they do not want to move to another country to start the whole thing from the bottom. It is easier for a woman to get used to new conditions and she is psychologically stable. However, a Russian girl requires some assistance in comforting in the new cultural environment, no matter if it is the USA or a European country. This article is a systematic guide to of comforting a Russian girl in a new country.


1. Help her learn a local language. Russian girls are rather smart and learning English is a modern must-have. However, not every girl is familiar with this language. Likewise, if you bring her to France of Norway, she would probably have to learn a local language. It eases the process of integration and increases her communication skills, which helps to assimilate with a local community. A language is not only a mean of communication; it is also a source of a cultural experience, which interprets peculiarities of a country. As well, if your Russian girl is ready to learn the local language and demonstrates the interest in your
country, - you can be assured that she loves you very much.

2. Make sure she gets to know people who can support her acclimatization. You obviously have some friends back in your city. Let them meet with your new girl and learn her better. Ask a female friend (a wife of your best friend, for instance) to show your woman the city and get her acquainted with local distinctiveness and traditions. Surprisingly yet true, a Russian girl feels relaxed if a woman helps with familiarization. Take her to events and festivals, let her see the country from the inside. Read newspapers and watch TV together, explain things she finds perplexing.

3. Support her feeling of stability. When a Russian girl moves to another country, she suffers from the lack of stability she used to have back in her country. There are various methods of making her feel stabilized. You can her find a part-time job, for example, in a floral shop. As well, housekeeping and cooking would make her feel engaged, which also helps her acclimatization. This is a strange situation where a routine and daily-based action gradually create an image of stability, and therefore, totally comfort the person.

4. Put off her rose-tinted glasses. Many Russian girls want to leave their native country because they suggest it is not suitable for leaving (they hate the climate, financial state, laws, government etc.). You are her ticket to a better life – not only because she loves you and wants to be your wife (she does, for sure), but also because she can leave Russia. If she experiences troubles with adapting in the new environment, let her know that this country is not perfect either. It might sound strange, but it helps people get used to leaving in another country. They see a flipside of a previously unknown culture and understand it better.

5. Find the local Russian community. The Russian diaspora is one of the biggest and developed immigrations in the world. Some countries have small towns that completely inhabited by Russians. We are virtually assured that your town holds such community as well. Browse the Internet for it or ask your friends if they know how to find it. A Russian woman will be comforted to know there are other Russians in your city and from time to time, she can communicate with carriers of the similar cultural code as hers and speak Russian. A diaspora can also help her explore and understand the new art, music, and literature.

6. Invite her relatives and let her visit them. Russians have strong family traditions. That is why your girl severely misses her parents and friends. Get her tickets and let her spend a week back in her city with her family. If you do not want to let her go, invite her parents and siblings for a weekend. Aside from making her incredibly happy, this beautiful gesture comforts her by making her understand she has not entirely abandoned her past life. If you love your Russian girl, her relatives may turn out to be as cheerful as she is, so you would spend some good time together.