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For many people, incontinence can be unpredictable, and incontinence supplies are not things they like to keep around. Certain things, like unexpected weight gain, and injury can cause latent incontinence to crop up and ruin a peaceful night’s rest. Whether you are someone whose incontinence keeps them awake most nights, or just occasionally, below are some of the incontinence supplies you should keep on hand to deal with night-time incontinence when it strikes. 

Protective underwear

If you are suddenly woken in the middle of the night by leakage, the best thing you can do is to reach for the protective underwear. There are generally two types of incontinence: urge and stress incontinence. Since stress incontinence is typically activated by something you are doing (laughing, exercising etc.), while you are asleep, urge incontinence is typically the one most likely to strike. Having protective underwear close by is great because, even if you think the occurrence was a one-off, you can put it on and be sure that, should it happen again, you are protected. 

Underpads are an essential component of incontinence supplies

If you are dealing with night-time incontinence issues, and are worried about damaging a bed (especially if it is not your own), one of the most vital items in your incontinence arsenal is the underpad. Underpads, such as those made by prevail, let you sleep comfortably, knowing you are protecting the bed. One of the worst feelings for those dealing with incontinence is waking up suddenly, and fearing you’ve ruined your, or someone else’s bed.

Disposable washcloths

If you experience incontinence issues at night, disposable washcloths are another must-have in your incontinence supplies. You want to be able to get up, deal with the issue, make sure you are clean and comfortable, and get back to sleep as quickly as possible. Disposable washcloths can be kept beside your bed in your nightstand table, or in an easy-to-access location in your bathroom. You can be clean, comfortable, and back to sleep in no time at all.
Don’t stress

This is not something you can buy from a store, but the ability to let go of the stress is essential for anyone dealing with night-time incontinence issues. It is startling, and sometimes embarrassing, to be jolted awake by the inconvenience of incontinence. The first thing you should have in your night-time incontinence arsenal is the right attitude. Understanding that this is normal, common, and easily dealt with will go a long way to making incontinence a minor inconvenience in your life. 

If you are worried about night-time incontinence, and are looking for advice on how to go about minimizing the inconvenience, the above list, while not comprehensive, contains all of the items you need to help protect yourself. For anything else related to incontinence supplies and issues, visit MedProDirect and learn how you can make your incontinence a small, manageable feature of your life. 

Author Bio: Mike Barr is an incontinence specialist and Founder of MedproDirect. He has been writing on a wide range of topics related to senior care for more than 10 years now.