Finding the right wholesale meat supplier across Melbourne can be tricky. A good supplier is reliable. And it provides fresh and quality cuts at a great price. Cheap and tough cuts are tasteless. They can ruin your reputation, so be careful when choosing a wholesale meat supplier in Melbourne. 

Most people do know how to find the right wholesale meat supplier. They do know what to look for in a supplier. Most wholesale meat suppliers in Melbourne are listed online or local directories. Do not rely on these directories alone. Do a thorough research if you want to find the right wholesale meat supplier.

Read on to learn how to find the right wholesale meat supplier across Melbourne. 

1. Visit their Warehouse

Visiting the warehouses of these suppliers is the easiest way of finding a reputable wholesale meat supplier in Melbourne. Visiting the warehouse helps you to see how the supplier stores and handles their products. If possible, select a meat supplier that is close to you. 

Check their freezers and refrigerators. Make sure the temperature is properly controlled and there is adequate space. Is the building clean? A good supplier keeps their building clean all the time. Does the facility smell? Make sure there is no foul odor inside the facility. 

2. Are the Cows Grass-Fed?

Cows are designed to eat grass. They are not designed to eat grains. Cows love grains, but grains are not great for their entire diet. 

Choose a wholesale meat supplier that grass-fed their cows. Why? You are sure you will always get high-quality meat from that supplier. 

3. Ask for their Catalogue of Meat

Ask several wholesale meat suppliers like https://melbournemeatmerchant.com.au for a catalog of the meat they offer. Why is this important? Because it helps you choose a meat supplier that has everything you want. You must know the inventory that they always have throughout the year. And the ones they have seasonally. 

Choose a wholesale meat supplier that has a wide range of selections. You will always get what you want from that meat supplier, so you will never spend your precious time looking for another supplier. Make sure it is easy to order from that supplier. 

4. The Price

Wholesale meat suppliers in Melbourne have different prices. You must have a budget when looking for a meat supplier. Then, compare the prices of different meat suppliers. Look for a meat supplier that sells quality cuts and offer better prices. 

Ask several meat suppliers if they offer discounts. If they do, ask them if you qualify for these discounts. For example, some meat suppliers offer discounts on a large order. So, if you are placing a small order, ask how you can qualify for a discount. 

However, there are wholesale meat suppliers that have cheap prices. Cheap prices usually mean poor quality and cheap cuts. Great quality meat is expensive. That is why you need to find a wholesale meat supplier that has the best deals in Melbourne. Select a wholesale meat supplier that fits within your budget. 

5. Communication

The best wholesale meat suppliers know how to communicate with their clients. They communicate clearly. They call immediately when there is a problem with your order. And they offer a refund or rebate on missing items. 

You must read and understand their refund policy. Products get damaged and sometimes they come spoiled, so you need a meat supplier that communicates well upfront and does not hide anything from you. Choose a supplier that communicates well and answers all your questions. 

You now know how to find the right wholesale meat supplier across Melbourne. Choose a wholesale meat supplier in Melbourne that has great deals, sells quality cuts and has a wide range of selections.