Taking out life insurance can be a confusing matter, with so many different types to choose from. Thankfully, level term life insurance is one of the simplest and most popular type of cover you can take out. If you need a helping hand in understanding what level term life insurance is, this handy guide explains everything you need to know.

It is important that your life insurance policy suits your needs, and pays out to your loved ones when it is needed most. Choosing the right life insurance cover is crucial, so by understanding the different types, you are able to make an informed decision. Level term life insurance is a popular choice because it is often an affordable option that can be used to meet a variety of family’s needs.

What does level term mean?

Level term means an insurance policy will pay an agreed amount  should you pass away within a fixed period of time. The amount of cover does not increase nor decrease, and therefore remains level, whilst the length of time you take the policy for is known as the term. This is where the name level term comes from. Level term life insurance works on a fixed basis and is therefore very simple to understand. 

Level term policies do not change their pay-out over time, so whether the worst happens at the beginning of the policy or years down the line, your loved ones will receive the same pay-out. 

This differs to a decreasing life insurance policy, where the cover reduces over the term. 

What are the benefits of level term life insurance?

Taking out level term life insurance cover can provide your family with financial support if the worst happens. The pay-out can be used for many different purposes, from replacing lost income, covering living expenses, paying the bills or helping to pay for school fees. 

You can decide on how long the term is, as well as the monthly payments you want to make. Level term insurance usually has lower premiums; this is because if you pass away after the term, or contract, ends then there will not be a pay-out.

However, level term insurance can give you peace of mind during the fixed term you have set. You can also take out new cover for when the fixed term ends. As you choose the length of your cover, the pay-out amount and monthly payments, you can budget accordingly and know exactly where the money will go.

Level term life insurance can be used to cover an interest-only mortgage, because the money borrowed does not increase over time.

How much does it cost to take out level term life insurance?

The cost of level term life insurance can depend greatly on the cover you want. However, it is often recommended that the younger you take out level term insurance, the cheaper your monthly payments will be. 

You should carefully consider your expenses and debts before speaking to a qualified advisor who can calculate how much cover your family would need. This can determine the cover you take out, and your monthly payments.