It’s something that has happened to us all. Sometimes it feels unavoidable. Even hopeless at times. When boredom sets in the day can drag on and it can feel as if time has stopped. Maybe you are sick at home and can’t leave the house, or it’s a lazy Sunday afternoon with nothing to do.

Fear no more. The next time you find yourself refreshing your social media feed every 2 minutes to avoid staring at the ceiling, you can refer back to this ultimate list of 29 activities to do when you’re bored, and witness how your mood improves as you become busy and engaged.


1.    Listen to a podcast
2.    Write your parents a letter
3.    Pick a movie that is a trilogy and have a movie marathon
4.    Create a playlist for your different moods, including the one you’re in now!
5.    Clean your room, you know it’s necessary!
6.    Do 10 pushups, 10 sit ups, 10 squats and then repeat
7.    Do a puzzle
8.    Find a new recipe to cook for your next meal
9.    Look up a concert in your city and go (alone or with a friend)
10.    Read a book
11.    Finish a book!
12.    Download a new app on your phone to help you get organized
13.    Play a slot machine game at one of the best online casinos
14.    Meal prep your food for the following week
15.    Sweep under your bed (when was the last time you did that?)
16.    Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a long time
17.    Attempt some intricate nail art
18.    Re-arrange your books according to height/color
19.    Read the news
20.    Make a list of what you want to accomplish (short and long term)
21.    Do a DIY face mask with ingredients from your kitchen
22.    Backup all the information on your computer or make sure it’s up to date
23.    Have a bath and unwind
24.    Create a bucket list
25.    Do some yoga poses
26.    Make a picnic lunch and go to the nearest park
27.    Update your resume
28.    Meditate, or learn the basics
29.    Write down your thoughts in a journal

At the end of the day, boredom is a personal choice and you can eliminate it by doing something else with your mind or body at the moment when it sets in. Once you get in the habit of keeping yourself busy, you’ll learn to never be bored again.