Getting enough shut eye is pretty important, as it allows our body to recharge and our skin to tighten up. However, other things like stress or being sick can also affect our general appearance. So even if you do get enough rest, you can still come across as "tired-looking".

Ugly faces aside, here are some of the other annoying things that people with "tired-faces" constantly have to deal with:

1. People will keep asking you if you are tired.

2. Or point out the obvious - "you look tired"

3. You'll actually feel tired.

4. You'll look bad in photos. Or just downright unattractive.

5.  You feel slightly offended because you're not actually tired!

6. You'll look older.

This is especially true. According to science, chronic stress and fatigue can actually cause cells to biologically age 10 to 15 years older. So if you're 30 and constantly tired, you will still look and feel 45.

So unless you are willing to go under the knife to look your age, you might want to do something about your tired facade, before it's too late.