He was big in the 80s. Debbie Gibson didn't have anything on him. Tommy Paige couldn't beat him with cool. And Michael Jackson was just getting popular. He was... FIDO DIDO


This cartoon character started as just a napkin doodle created by Joanna Ferrone and Sue Rose. Fido's big break occured when he was featured as a stencil on slogan T-shirts, which proved to be very popular in New York.


In 1988, the character was licensed to be the mascot for PepsiCo. By the time the '90s rolled in, Fido's face could be seen just about everywhere.

But like all good things, Fido's fame eventually faded away and the doodle was replaced with a new mascot called "Cool Spot". But there was also nothing cool about Cool Spot, which you can see for yourself in the crappy SNES game trailer below which was released for the mascot:

So whatever happened to Fido? We decided to come up with our own wacky conspiracy theories:

Some say he was abducted for wanting more Coke money, and was eventually sent to their version of Guantanamo bay where he was water boarded (with Sprite, of course).


Others say he was kept in the archive for so long, that he eventually lost all 7 of his hairs before they finally decided to cut him loose.

Fido eventually made a brief comeback in the early 2000s. As of July 2013, his pointy-faced visage is still being used on 7up products and advertising.


In other words, long live FIDO DIDO!