Ever tried holding a conversation with someone with a monotone voice? This hypnotic, almost robot-like voice can be a real communication killer.

It also requires the listener to focus twice as hard just to hold any interest in what the other person is actually saying.  Here are just some thoughts that are guaranteed to cross your mind when you're having a conversation with one of these "robots".

1. Is that really his voice?
2. Must...resist...yawning.
3. Is he trying to bore me to death?
4. Does he even have feelings?
5. I wonder what his screams sound like?
6. He could probably pass off as one of those "automated voice call" machines
7. Why is he still talking?
8. I wonder if his whole family sounds exactly the same?
9. I'm zoning out again...
10. Maybe if I focus on his lips, I can make out what he's actually saying
11. Bad idea, it only makes me want to punch him in the mouth
12. Should I cut in now to end both our misery?
13. But what do I say when I can't even recall what he's actually talking about
14. Maybe I should tell him that his voice sounds like a robot?
15. I know it's super rude, but it's also super true
16. When will this conversation end?
17. Yes, he finally stopped talking!
18. Oh crap, is this the part where I chip in?
19. Maybe I'll just nod my head and tell him I've got to be somewhere else
20. Note to self: Only emails and sms-es with this guy from now on.