As an employee, Jon Snow is everything you want. He's hardworking. He's goes above and beyond. Sometimes, it is even out of his job scope. But at other times, he really does know nothing about playing the work-game. Here are some examples.

1. He doesn't know how to pepper the boss


He gets yelled at in this scene because he's busy training people how to fight. He should be doing more managerial things but instead he's micromanaging!

2. He doesn't care what others will think when he does something else


Yep. No big deal. He's now back at the Night's Watch. Like nothing happened.

3. He doesn't care if anyone is allergic to Dire-Wolf at work


Would you bring your pet to work if you knew one of your colleagues were allergic to animals?

4. He falls in love with a competitor


Such an easy trap!

5. He likes to show off his fighting skills


No one likes a show off at work. Or in other words: Mr. Know-It-All.

6. He obviously loves being the "boss's pet"


He liked it, alright.

7. Insurbodination


The Night's Watch's vow included not forming relations with a woman. We guess he found a loophole.

8. He trusts people too easily


Is it me, or is this the best time anyone can come in to kill Jon Snow? At work, you should never trust anyone completely. Always look out for yourself.

Stay tuned for more Game of Thrones office etiquette next week!