What is the decorum for a politician's wife on social media? One would argue that they shouldn't be posting skanky on Instagram. It's clear Alena Politukha didn't get the memo because her husband Aleksandr Politukha didn't take too well to her letting the world know he's got a super hot wife.

This is Alena:

And here are a couple of selfies she keeps posting on Instagram.

Seems harmless, and seems like she's using what Instagram is usually famous for.

But the problem here is that she's a politician's wife.

And her husband has found it difficult to be all serious when he's trying to politic around.

He just went into a rage and walked out on her.

Blond bombshell Alena Politukha, 32, hit out at her ex complaining that she and her young son have been left with nothing after Aleksandr Politukha suddenly walked out the front door and did not come back. She has since found out that he has filed for divorce.

…an insider to the couple claimed he was unhappy about her habit of posting selfies which had won her an army of followers – but alienated her husband.

Maybe this is a tad much for a politician's wife.

What do you think? Is this too sexy?

Check out more pictures of her in the gallery: