Sometimes it's not the big things that matter, but the little things. Small gestures don't take a lot of effort, but they matter. They remind us that we're loved and appreciated. Here are some 15 ideas you can steal from to surprise your loved ones.

1. Lay out his video games on the bed and spell "I Love You"

2. Remind them you love them in the morning, before you wake up.

3. Write it out on a window.

4. Serve them breakfast from the heart.

5. Or breakfast in bed.

6. Prepare a sensual and relaxing bath for them.

7. Put all their favorite things together for them.

8. Prepare a takeaway lunch for them this way.

9. Help them with their nails.

10. Remind them that life isn't all about work.

11. Prepare a loving breakfast this way.

12. Make a sweet gesture like this:

13. Pack a lunch bag like this for her:

14. Surprise her from time to time.

15. Go big with candles.