Star Wars: The Force Awakens has already hit the billion dollar mark now, making it the fastest film to hit that! But that's not what people are raving about. They're raving about the couple of 2015. A little bit of spoilers below..

1. Finn and Poe. They're quite the romantic couple.ლʘ-ʘლ

2. Just look at how they stare at each other.

3. Ellen confirmed it.

4. Bromances have long been happening in Star Wars.

5. But there's already been 81 works of slash fiction written about Poe and Finn.

6. So romantic!

7. Not even your S.O. hugs you like this:

8. This is some serious romance.

9. Bro. Mance.

10. The couple of 2015.

11. Always on each other's minds.

12. Not even Rey can pull them apart.

13. We'll have to wait till 2017.

14. But it's clear who everyone will be rooting for now.