As is with many public social media-style websites, there should always be a serious consideration when your own personal safety is concerned. This does not mean that you should always be paranoid when navigating or using dating sites but a certain amount of care should always be on your mind when making a profile, even if it’s the best dating site you can find.


Your profile security

When making your dating profile, be sure to not include contact details which can be seen by everyone. Having details about your home, address or phone number in your profile is an easy way for someone with bad intentions to find where you live and work. As such, the first stages when engaging in an online date is to keep personal information only to yourself. Consider also using nicknames or moniker on your profile as simply knowing your name is enough information for someone with ill-intent to track you. Use to help you avoid fraud online.

Make use of the various free e-mail services when creating your dating profile. This way, you do not have the profile attached to your personal or work-email and this will ensure an added level of internet security. Should your profile get hacked, they will have access to your dating linked e-mail and won’t get much use from it.

If you engage in conversations with someone and you feel hints that you want it taken to the next level but you are not 100% sure of it but not unsure enough that you want to drop this person, consider using an anonymous phone service that will keep your work or home-phone safe. Skype communication is a simple way to keep your phone numbers safe, or anonymous phone services like can also provide an extra protection barrier until you learn more about the other person.

Use your own analytical abilities

You can add as many barriers as you can find to your profile but sometimes it’s enough to use your own common sense and people skills to get a good idea as to who the other person is. Do they appear to be controlling? Are they short tempered? Do they often avoid answering questions? These are immediate red flags and as such you should take immediate care when engaging forward in conversations with them. Perhaps try finding out how long their last relationship lasted and see how they respond and make decisions based on that.

If the person you are talking to doesn’t have a photo on their profile considering requesting them for a recent one. It is a very important thing to see what the other person looks like. Do not consider this as a problem of vanity but one of personal security. Using your own communication and analytical skills on the person faces can help draw precious information and insight into what kind of person he is.

There should always be a healthy amount of care taken when engaging on the various local singles websites as to not get yourself into trouble and finding your best possible match.