Who hasn't stumbled upon this ID card from Singapore? But unlike his namesake, Batman bin Superman is no hero.


According to local reports, the unemployed 23-year-old has been sentenced to nearly three years in jail after committing a series of very un-superhero-like crimes.

Batman was tied to the break-ins at SGF Billards & Marketing Singapore, and the theft of his older brother Nurazman Suparman's debit card. He was finally arrested in August after robbing the same store on two separate occasions.

Batman subsequently pleaded guilty to several related and unrelated offenses, including six counts of theft, two counts of trespassing, and one count of heroin consumption.

But Batman is not totally alone. His 11,000 fans have all gathered on his official fanclub Facebook page to call for his immediate release. You have to admit, this would make a pretty cool comic book story.

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