Are you considering going into a career in law? Being a law professional can prove to be a very lucrative career path, as the average salary falls into about $157,000 per year, according to statistics. 

The field of law is very broad, covering a range of industries and practices on the local, state and federal level. The extensive range of law practices is beyond this blog, but we’re covering the most common and popular ones you should know. 


Read on for a  general summary of most law specialties that can be learned in law school. By the end of this blog, you’ll have a good understanding of which type of law career best suits your interests and talents. Let’s dive in!

1. Personal Injury Law
Arguably the most common type of law that individuals study and practice is personal injury law. Personal injury attorneys offer legal services to those who have been injured physically or psychologically as a result of someone's negligence, according to Bakersfield personal injury attorneys.

If your client is allegedly harmed by physical or psychological negligence, it can be a difficult task consulting parties involved in terrible, sometimes tragic, and mortifying car accidents.

The schedule for a personal injury attorney can be non-stop. Your schedule can look like speaking and meeting new clients, preparing for deposition, and reviewing rigorous medical records in preparation. You would also handle court motions and go into phases of discovery. 

2. Business Law
Corporate or commercial law is the best way to define a lawyer that practices business law. These lawyers work in conjunction with you to take on the issues that can leave an impact on your business. Having a business lawyer by your side will help protect your entity.  

Some of the legal properties of this practice include:
Tax law
Bankruptcy law
Consumer finance
Real estate law
Employment law
Intellectual property law 

Business law is a wonderful field for students who love to manage complex real-world issues, and how to protect themselves and the company they keep. Once graduated, you’ll find business law is one of the most profitable practices in the industry. 

3. Civil Rights Law 
An attorney in this field specializes in the protection of a person's civil rights. Civil rights attorneys often work for the government or a lot of nonprofits. Civil rights attorneys focus on these courses in their practices: 

Race and law
Trial advocacy

Compensation in this study of law may tend to generally be lower. A passionate and honorable way of law, it's highly fulfilling and can help a lot with attorneys who need to pay off their education.  

4. Criminal Law 
A highly practiced law, criminal defence law primarily focuses on anything involved under the criminal code. Prosecutors have a tendency to be highly outgoing and verbal to bring out the truth. 

Defense attorneys must protect their client to the core on the deepest of convictions to their client against sometimes their own verdicts. 

The casework is highly time consuming and you practically live in the courthouse. The amount of stress this kind of law induces leads to a higher dropout rate than other practices of law. 

5. Environmental Law 
As an environmental lawyer, you’ll have the beauty of often spending time outdoors. But the sunshine wears thin compared to the amount of analyzing highly complicated statutes, highly controversial regulations, and treaties studied along with federal and privacy laws. 

6. Health Law
A relatively fast-changing field, firms that practice health law provide most of their services directly to hospitals.
These services could extend to health insurance agencies, medical device builders, and nursing homes.

7. Immigration Law
Immigration law can be very rewarding in regard to starting your clients' new life in the greatest country. Your workload involves helping others obtain their citizenship. Immigration has many facets to consider in their studies
Human rights 

8. Intellectual property
In regards to intellectual property law, you work within the creative side. Inventions need protection and here are the three areas of predominant study:

Copyright law

Lawyers who study for this field must pass another examination that is considered even more rigorous than the bar. It’s all very technical but if you like details and math it's a well-paying field. 

There are many other forms of law out there, but these primary fields are some of the most lucrative and are highly practiced. It’s a job with many facets, so find your best field and stick to it!