Kite surfing might seem like one of the extreme sports that you can try, but it gives you the adrenaline rush and the exhilaration that you would need in your life. It might seem similar to riding boards on waves, but it adds in other experiences like windsurfing and paragliding. While it might not hurt to be drenched in water, you should take some preventive measures before you go kite surfing.

The preventive measures include choosing your kite surfing destination well. You don’t want to go to a new location, where you know nothing about. You should be comfortable in the kitesurf destination that you choose. Other than that, here are some pointers that you should be aware of.

Mobility Not Muscle Is Necessary

There’s a myth that you need to be quite fit to kite surf. However, that is not true, you can be a normal teenage girl or a college going student. You don’t need muscles or abs to kite surf. What you need is mobility, and the proper equipment. With the proper kite, you can easily kite surf and your core does the work out, not your arms. Unless the harness comes out, you don’t have to worry about hanging on.

Learning Is Easy

One of the major reasons why people shy away from kite surfing is because they think it is tough to learn. The good news is anyone can learn kite surfing, in just three days if they put their mind to it. The main step is maintaining the balance while holding onto the harness and feeling exhilarated by the air.

However, when you are trying it for the first time, you would need a trained instructor to show you the ropes. This will not only ensure your own safety, but also the safety of the people around you while you surf. You won’t be hurting any innocent beach goer with your skills while you are learning with the help of a trained and certified instructor. Before you start off, you need to learn about

Safety rules to follow while on and outside the water
Weather conditions and the effect of wind
Setting up your kite and harness properly
Launching, flying or landing the kite properly

Kite Surfing Might Be Costly

While it might be fun to kite surf, it will definitely put a dent in your pocket. If you are buying new gear, the rig can cost you $2600, if not more. On the positive side, you can always use pre – owned gear, which will come at a lesser price of around $500. This is a better way to learn kite surfing because by the time you upgrade to a better gear, you would’ve learnt how to surf, and your experiences would be better.

Choosing a kite surfing location matters even when you have the best gear. The location plays a key role, and you should learn in a place in your local community. In case you don’t have a kite surfing location in your neighborhood, try choosing one which has somewhat similar features. This will speed up the process of learning for you.