This is the theory of Cleaganebowl. It's one of the best theories involving The Mountain and The Hound coming together for a battle to the death. But wait. Didn't we see someone die in one of the previous seasons? Here are some theories, and it could be possible spoilers.

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The theory is basically Cersei's upcoming trial against the Faith, and she'll choose Ser Robert Strong, who is actually the reanimated corpse of The Mountain, who died from the poison that Oberyn Martell had laced his spear with during their trial by combat.


According to the Watchers on The Wall:

I’ve heard from a source whom I trust, who has provided us reliable information going back several years, that Rory McCann was seen recently staying at a hotel in Belfast commonly used by HBO andGame of Thrones cast members during filming.


Currently, McCann has no other projects scheduled, or any other reason to be in Belfast that we’re aware of. Book readers have their theories as to how the Hound- or rather, Sandor Clegane might return. But it wouldn’t be the first time Game of Thrones has diverged from the original story if they choose a different version for the return of Sandor Clegane.

Will there be a fight between The Mountain and The Hound?