Not every one of us is good with numbers, Sudoku is one of the games which is related to numbers and if you are handy with them then it becomes a cake walk for you, but what if you are not? And want to master this game? Well now this game is switched from playing it in the traditional way to the new way; one can even play sudoku online as now it is even handier to play.


Following are the six easy ways to solve the Sudoku easily.

1) Understand the simple rules - One must know that every game has rules even though it is a single player game, every column and row has to be filled with the numbers from 1 to 9 in such a way they are not repeating. 

2) Find the specific numbers – one has to find the numbers already given, they make it easy for you to fix the others numbers in the puzzle, one cannot repeat the definite numbers already given in the same column or row. So that number is basically banned for that row or column.

3) Find a way – analyze your work to fill in the numbers between the definite and fill in all the gaps and reach the 9th number, this might take a time, but if you do it frequently you tend to develop a pattern and easily locate all the numbers at least in the easy level of the game.

4) Patience- well though it is an overused clichéd line but patience is the real key, one must know that Sudoku is a tough game and it might take a long time for one to solve it especially the hard level of Sudoku, so one has to be patient enough to analyze the required number and the pattern of the game accurately.

5) Rough work – you can make a rough game or right all the numbers above the column instead of in the column, this will help you to give you a rough idea of you is doing it correctly or no.  Sudoku at the hard level must be solved using rough work for better understanding, there are chances were you might accidentally repeat the numbers, so solve it roughly beforehand.

6) Draw the connections right – one must always remember that the corners of the puzzle which are also aligned with the center should be solved very carefully as they have to match both and should work for the both, avoid repeating any numbers.

So these are the six rules everyone must follow to solve the Sudoku easily, one will not face much of difficulties or waste much time if they sincerely focus on these six easy tips. 
They not only help you to solve the Sudoku of the easy level but all the hard level Sudoku, proper analysis and patience and focus are the keys to get this game straight despite of any level of difficulty.