It's not unusual to change your phone every two years. By the time you finish paying off one, new models have emerged, and you might want to change. However, not everyone wants to immediately start paying for another phone. If you would rather hang on to the one you have for longer, you can do that.

The one issue you might have is keeping your phone going for as long as possible. It might work fine now, but it could start to go downhill after a few years. Some people can't even make their phone last for a year because they don't care for it properly. If you want your phone to last longer, follow these tips.


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Care for the Battery

The battery of your phone keeps it going. Not only does it keep it alive over its lifespan but it also matters on a day to day basis. You need your phone to keep going until you're able to charge it, which could be a good 12 hours. Looking after your battery can help to keep it going for longer. Some people will say that you should get off to a good start when you buy your phone by running down the battery before charging it for the first time. But if it's too late for that, try to avoid charging too often. Turn your phone off when you're not using it and avoid overcharging it too.

Protect It

If you're not already protecting your phone, you should make sure you do it soon. It doesn't take long to find a good case. You should get one that absorbs shock so that your phone has a better chance of surviving if you drop it. Make sure that the screen is protected too so you can avoid cracks or scratches. You don't have to go with a chunky case that makes your phone twice the size. There are many iPhone cases in fun designs that look good and protect your phone too.


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Be Cautious Around Water

Dropping your phone in water could be your first nightmare. If it does happen, fish it out as soon as you can and turn it off if it hasn't turned itself off. To help your phone dry out more quickly, you can take it apart as much as possible. Don't damage it, but remove the back if you can and take out the SIM card, any memory cards, and other removable components. Avoid exposing it to heat by using a hair dryer or something similar. It's best to just wait.

Watch the Temperature

Exposing your phone to too much heat or low temperatures can both be bad for it. Cold temperatures can pull power from your battery. If your phone overheats, it can damage the battery or the touchscreen. Avoid leaving it in the sun or next to anything warm, such as a radiator or heater. Moderate temperatures are best to keep your phone healthy.

If you want to keep your phone for longer, look after it as much as you can. Treat it with gentle hands, and you can avoid damaging it.