For fresh graduates and work-at-home types, working at an office might seem like a cushy life. But spend enough time behind a cubicle, and you'll realize that it too has its fair share of pros and cons. This one the main reasons why not everyone can cope with the 9-5 life.


To prepare you for what to expect, here are 19 things everyone is guaranteed to experience once they sign up for a corporate job:

1. Not everyone will adore you because you really can't please everyone. So don't take it personally. 

2. Meetings are the bane of human existence

3. Delays and oversights are bound to happen, just make sure it doesn't come from you.

4. Receiving emails will no longer be exciting.

5. It might be 2014, but there companies who still insist on using fax machines.

6. The printer/fax machine will always run out of ink/paper when you least expect it.

7. There will always be someone assigned to 'stock up the pantry.' You don't want this job.

8. Office politics is a dangerous game. While it's okay to notice what's going on, you'd be better off pulling back and just doing your jobs.

9. Maintain personal boundaries. No matter what television says, real life office romance is just not worth the trouble.

10. Keep private matters private. No good comes from office gossip.

11. Bathroom breaks = private time. But beware the vicious coffee/tea/bathroom cycle!

12. Lunch hours are sacred. You will either be the fiscally responsible adult who brings lunch to work every day, or the person who knows every takeout place by heart.

13. Weekends are a godsend! What were formerly just days are now simple pleasures that will make you happy to an almost irrational point.

14. Never bring work problems, deadlines, or anything else home with you. Leave it where it belongs.

15. You will have newfound respect for shows and movies about office life.

16. No one really cares about your personal problems, because you’re an adult.

17. Always plan and submit your vacations / leaves in advance. And stick to the plan!

18. Everyone has REALLY bad days where they fantasize about quitting with a bang. But even if you do mess up, just take it as a lesson and carry on.

19. Always have an exit plan. Even if you plan on retiring here, anything can happen (company goes bankrupt, bad economy). Settling does not mean you shouldn't keep an eye out on bigger opportunities.

So remember, no employee is perfect, especially not yourself. There will always be things happening that are beyond your control. But as long as you focus on doing your best work, just know that everything will be alright in the end.