You can change careers and it could be good for you. Ex-porn star Sandy Summers aka Daiane DeJesus made the switch from making adult videos to children's videos. She now makes videos where she unpacks children's toys under the YouTube account DC Toys Collector.

And oh, by the way, she makes $5 million a year doing so!

Here's one of her videos:

She declined to be interviewed because she probably didn't want friends to know she went from porn to this.


Former neighbours who listened to the videos of DC Toys Collector are convinced that DeJesus is the voice behind You Tube’s most successful channel.

They became aware of her career as adult film star after she was spotted taking part in a photo shoot by the swimming pool in her back garden.

They also watched some of the graphic adult-only videos and instantly recognised the pouting young blonde as their suburban neighbour.

DeJesus, 32, never mentioned what she did for a living and the neighbours never asked…

Four people who were independently shown a photograph of DeJesus taken by Daily this week and published here said that it was their former neighbour.

[via Daily Mail]