What is it about Apple products that can transform seemingly ordinary humans into insufferable ingrates? This short documentary film was shot during at Apple’s iconic glass-cube store on Fifth Avenue in New York City during the launch of the new iPhone 5s & 5c. As you can imagine, a lot of folks showed up early to get their hands on the new devices.

A project between commercial director Casey Neistat, Gabriel Nussbaum and Jack Coyne, the YouTube short not only captures the camaraderie and tech obsession among die-hard Apple fans, but also how some sneaky individuals see  it as an opportunity for exploitation. As Neisat puts it:
 “At the peak of that hysteria I stopped and reminded myself what the impetus was for all of this; a new phone. That warranted a head shake and an eye roll. It's fun to get excited about something, no matter how ridiculous it may seem.”
Watch the full clip below: