Following the termination of the social media automation tool "Instagress" by Instagram from the internet, users have been on the uproar venting and looking for who to hold for allowing their favorite automation tool get closed down. 

Smart social media influencers are already looking for the alternatives as should be.
If you really have a business on the internet to promote then you should not ask too many questions as to why instagress got shut down rather you ask for other option.

Instagram automation tools come in handy when you need to schedule post without having to suffer other aspects of your work online. For a long time, Instagress happens to be the best tool but sad they had to close on the request of Instagram.

Curating trendy contents that get maximum reaction or response from users and subscribers is a very important function in any social media strategy. Influencer marketing does major for marketers on Instagram where you strategically form partnerships with other accounts and leverage their popularity for your own account’s gain.

Approaching accounts directly with an influencer if you want a better result with your marketing remains the best value. Although there are influencer platforms you can leverage on as well but it is not as effective as a direct influence marketer.

Also, for marketers with loads of work to do like writing an article, building an email list, building a messenger bot list or working on your podcast show sometimes you tend to forget to also work on your Instagram page.

You understand the reach you can convert organically from this platform but time isn't working for you. An automation tool does the work ahead of time without tampering with your work schedule. 

Do you know? Income Artist has reviewed the latest alternatives instead of dwelling on the loss. I laid out few that can fill in the void obsolete intagress left.

Four (4) Best Instagress Alternative:

1. Iconosquare
Iconosquare is an instagress alternative that provides you with information and adjustments skills for images and photography in your Instagram account. sharing your pictures on Instagram and other social media platforms to promote your business is easier when you use the Iconosquare software.

Features of Iconosquare
It informs you on the type of photography your followers enjoy the most. this allows you make a decision on the type of post you should schedule.
Iconosquare helps you to engage with other followers image, comment on their photos from your personal computer. 
It allows you add WordPressInstagram plugin so that your pictures can appear on your blog. This will help build your Instagram engagements as well as increase followers.

2. Instazood
Instazood helps to choose the contents and schedule it for a specific time that is suitable for your users. They get to see your content when they are active. Instazood will benefit you as a business and personally. It gives you the freedom to pick between users, hashtags, location and also allows you to upload your own list.

Instazood is a well designedinstagress look alike although the interface isn't as great as instagress it can still run smoothly like the instgress and its followership gains is massive and fast. The instazood has a growth hacking tool is simple for any skill level and easy to understand. It has three days free trial after which a reasonable price follows.

3. Followinglike
The followinglike is the number 1 recommended instagress replacement that allows you automate social media activities in order to increase your follower base and spite more engagement. It is for marketers that need to grow their social media presence efficiently and fast.

Features of Followinglike:
It is an automated system that allows you schedule your social media task. Posting up to five Instagram pictures ahead of time is superb with this software.
It is best known for managing multiple accounts. You can trend simultaneously across all social media platforms
Managing all your social media platforms is made easy with followinglike without having it look like a bot is managing it to users. 
Followinglike keeps you on the ban watch. Instagram, for instance, has a strict policy when it comes to bot managing account but with followinglike you are kept under the radar and helps to avoid being ban.

4. HootSuite
HootSuite is perfect if you want to monitor a bunch of hashtags. It is good for a team account as well as monitoring other social media platforms other than Instagram.

If you are finding it difficult to keep and manage all of your social media accounts, HootSuite is designed to handle that for you all on one single dashboard.