When families come to Disneyland, many of them come for the traditional favorites of Space Mountain, the teacups, and new adventures around every corner. Others meet all of the characters and try different food or shop for souvenirs. But the one thing everyone will have in common? 

Everyone that comes to Disney wants to see the shows. Unlike anything your eyes have ever beheld, you will see lights, sound, music, and more. You also see your favorite characters in a whole new way. Another benefit that families can enjoy is Fantasmic!. It will be coming in 2022, and everyone is excited as it promises to be bigger and better than before. However, seeing the shows, especially all of them, can take some work and planning.

Come See The Parade

The first parade at Disneyland will start at the It's A Small World ride and end at Main Street. It is recommended to get a spot on the sidewalk at Main Street so that you can be upfront and center. Starting at the beginning can cause crowding, and chances are you may not see everything. As Main Street can take a while to get to, you should be patient if you are waiting at the parade's end to see better. If you are planning on visiting it at the beginning, you will see raised platforms that offer a great view of the parade near the ride, and you will see kiosks for your children while they wait, which makes things a bit more comfortable. 

Another option is to wait on the side of Wonderland. It will be directly in front of the bathrooms. You will notice there isn't any other seating on the other side of the parade, which means all the characters will focus their attention on you and your side. 

One trick that can come in handy, however, is the Hub. The Disneyland Hub is where cast members will put up the ropes to prevent you from going on the parade route. As such, the ropes are taken down an hour before the parade starts so that the characters walk through. Wait until they take them down and you have a front-row seat. One tip though, is that this area is not great for small children or if you have brought many people with you. Similarly, if you hover near this area - one of the best viewing spots, you can grab a last-minute spot at the fire station before it gets roped off too. 

You should keep in mind that the holiday season has different options for the parade and you will see that they are each as wonderfully creative as the next. There are Halloween parades, Christmas parades, and shows throughout the year for special events. 

The Best Viewing Spots For Fantasmic!

When you come to Disneyland and want to see the shows, chances are you have come to see Fantasmic!. Fantasmic! is a beautiful story, and people come from all over the world to see it and the characters involved. As such, you may wonder where the best spot to see this fantastic show is. The show itself takes place on the island, so any waterfront area would be the best to see it. You can also get a unique package that allows you the best view of the show and ensures that you are taking an excellent memory. Spots near the Pirates of the Caribbean bridge can offer a good look, but the open area directly across from the island is best. Thankfully the bridge is not far from where you need to go. You can watch the fireworks and this show from the Rivers from America as well, and it is a good idea not to sit near the water if you don't want to get wet. 

Another great tip is that it can be easier to get a better view of the second showing than the first. Most people leave after the first show so the park is less crowded and you might see what you missed. After the first show, if you don't have reserved seating, you will see a post-show exodus. That happens more often on nights with fireworks. If you have small children, you need to know that this might be scary for them. The show is loud, has villains that can be quite frightening, and has multiple flashing lights. If this bothers them, a spot that is not so close might be better. You will also need to keep an eye on children at all times because there will be a gridlock where no one can move and people who get impatient and lose focus. That is particularly true if you are in front of the river. 

If you can afford it, the VIP tour or dinner package will let you have seating locations that haven't been released yet to the public. It promises to be a thrilling experience and an excellent memory in the making. 

Fireworks Will Abound

Now the fireworks may be the most popular of all the shows, but you may not know that there are various areas that you can utilize to see them in different ways. For example, if you go to the site by Gaston's Tavern, you will notice that the area isn't crowded, and there are seats to sit down and enjoy the fireworks and the music at the same time. One note, however, is that the projects are not as easy to see. If projections are of significant importance to you, this won't be a spot you want to utilize. 

Many people choose to go onto Main Street to watch the fireworks as you see the entire castle and all of the fireworks around it. You will also be able to see the projections fairly well. However, you won't see them well on the castle the further you go away from the castle, so be careful of this. Another downside to this spot is that everyone comes to it, and you won't move around well. It is recommended to stop around the ice cream parlor as you can see everything beautifully. You see the projections but can also turn and see the street ones. 

Another option is the Hub. The sidewalks are great for projections, but you need to ensure the statues of Walt and Mickey aren't in your way. However, if you want the best view and effects, you need to be right in front. The only way to get in front of the castle is to wait at least two hours for a good spot (some families wait for three or four). However, it can sometimes be a bit hard to see the fireworks because you have to crane your neck. The street in front of the castle is a great bet as well. 

If you like the Small World ride, that's a great place to see the fireworks and see projections simultaneously. The viewing area can vary slightly as sometimes the ride is closed to move the viewing area. When this happens, you may have better choices on where to go. The elevation and steps and the raised areas get you higher than the crowd and ensure that you can see the show in a better fashion. The area is less crowded than others, and you only have to wait about thirty minutes to over an hour to get a good spot rather than the two to four you could have to wait for a castle spot. Just remember, don't let the attraction sign block your view, and if you can, stick more to the right.

Other options you might find pleasing are the Rivers of America, as it is the best place to be for the Fantasmic! Show. You will still get the gist of the show, but you won't get the full effect. However, if Fantasmic! is showing, the fireworks are minutes after. Many people love to watch the fireworks show in all its wonder, from the tiers below the French Market entrance. 

Star Wars Galaxy Edge will offer a unique place as well. You won't get the full show, however. You will miss the projections, music, and other effects because it is not an official viewing area. Fireworks are not meant to be a thing here, so you will only see them because you are in an area close to the action.

Come See The Fun

The wonder of Disney has a lot to offer families and people of any age. There are many live shows, forms of entertainment including fireworks and parades, and shows that make people talk for hours like Fantasmic!. When looking for the best viewing spots for loved ones, you will find great options closer than you think. Just remember that you will have to choose between sights and sounds in some areas. If you want to ensure you see everything and experience the shows like never before, you could have a hefty wait time. Either way, you will see and hear what you love and have a great time.