A box is a box, and for people like you and me, as long as the damn thing performs its duties like open, shut, and store stuff, we're happy.

But students Henry Wang and Chris Curro wanted a more efficient and resourceful cardboard box, so they created one on their own.

Thus was birthed the Rapid Packing Container, a cardboard box that is not only less wasteful than traditional boxes, but one that's easy to put together and easy to reuse.

Wang and Curro started their quest for the ideal box by "identifying a few key problems with existing cardboard boxes: they use too much material, they are hard to open, and difficult to pack."

The Rapid Packaging Container uses 15% to 20% less cardboard than traditional paperboard packaging, and is still able to hold as much as a traditional cardboard box thanks to its physical redesign.

According to FastCo:
Instead of ripping open a taped-together cardboard box, opening a Rapid Packaging Container is as simple as pushing a tab on the top of the box and having the whole thing unfold itself flat again before your very eyes. Even better, it's fully reversible, meaning that if you receive one in the mail, you can just turn it inside-out for a label free box that you can then send to someone else.
Watch the full video explaining the box: