By now it shouldn't shock you that Japan is the master at coming out with weird and wacky sexual fetishes. And when they decide to get weird, they get really, really weird. Here are some of the most outrageous ones we've seen so far. Check it out:

1. Used panty vending machines


These machines are actually pretty hard to find, but isn't this really gross? Of course, they might not even be used panties to begin with. Blame it on some clever marketing. 

2. Tentacle porn


Made famous by hentai, tentacle porn gradually became a real thing in real life. Now there are girls having sex with fake octopuses on camera. Seriously?

3. 500 person orgy


Japan decided to one-up the 499 people orgy world record by adding 1 more person. Is 500 people really too much porn to watch?

4. Girls having sex while doing other things


This is all kinds of weird - because girls just want to do whatever they were doing and not be interrupted, so this kind of fetish came about, remarking having sex as just another by-the-way chore that they need to do.


Just playing wii....and other things.

5. Snaggletooth porn


Not everyone has perfect teeth, and the Japanese love snaggleteeth. There's even dentists in Japan that will help you make your teeth worse. 


Tomomi Itano is one super popular girl with snaggleteeth.

6. Door knob porn


I don't really know how to describe this, but door knob porn isn't something that's easy to explain. Basically, girls attracted to door knobs. Will that suffice? Check out some pictures of girls licking door knobs. What!? 

All kinds of wtf:





7. Sex dolls that look super realistic


If you're looking for sex dolls, Japan has the most realistic ones. They really, really, look like real people. It's even become a problem in Japan because now there are too many Japanese guys trying to just have sex with these dolls