Some people may be scared for life after being bullied as a child, but these 8 successful people decided to rise to greatness. We're guessing, they're laughing really hard at their bullies right now.

1. Elon Musk


He was severely bullied as a child, and even hospitalized once when a group of boys threw him down a flight of stairs. Today, he's worth $13.3 billion. Take that, suckers!

2. Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge


As a 13-year-old, the Duchess lasted two terms at Downe House boarding school because students tormented her for suffering from eczema and being skinny and meek. Now they probably curtsy to her when they see her.

3. Michael Phelps


He's got 22 Olympic medals. But as a child, he was bullied about his lisp and big ears. Who's laughing now?

4. Tony Hawk


Skateboarding wasn't so cool back then, so he was always bullied for it. But that bullying actually pushed him even further, and he rose to become the greatest skateboarder ever.

5. Kate Winslet


She was 180 pounds when she was 15 years old and her classmates even went as far as to lock her up in cupboards. Take that, bullies!

6. Elvis Presley


The King of Rock was bullied at school for playing Old Shep to his class, which later on became one of his best-loved hits.

7. Jackie Chan


As a child, he endured much torment at his Peking Opera school. The bullying inspired him to work harder at his martial arts so he could stand up to those who tried.

8. Eminem


He was a target of bullying that was so bad, his mother once sued the school board for failing to sufficiently protect him. At nine, he suffered a cerebral concussion, post-traumatic headaches, intermittent loss of vision and hearing, all of which is now in the past. Today, he's the king of rap.