When it comes to hiring new employees, most companies prefer to handle referrals by mass-emailing employees asking for names.

But companies like Facebook and Dropbox practice their own technique for better hiring called "searchlight meetings", which is basically just short, informal get-togethers wherein employees make hiring suggestions face-to-face.

YesGraph, a company that creates hiring tools, shared these simple tips on holding a successful searchlight meeting:

Keep It Short

Searchlight meetings (sometimes called sourcing sessions or blitzes) should last between 30 minutes and an hour, and occur no more than once a month.

Make It Fun

Keep the atmosphere light with music, drinks, and even prizes (YesGraph referenced a company that gave away iPads every 15 minutes). 

Make Roles And Filters Clear

Make sure all participating employees know exactly what roles the company is looking to fill, and what the positions entail. Be specific about other factors that are important for the hire (for example, whether it matters if someone works remotely or on-site).

Build A Culture Of Referrals

Your company should talk openly about recruiting goals, and thank employees that make referrals.