Every business, whichever industry you find yourself working in will consist of hundreds of meetings a year, maybe even thousands if you’re in sales. When you don’t invest in your meeting room technology/room, you’re working with one hand behind your back. Whether it be internal meetings on projects or sales meetings with potential customers, you want it to go as smoothly as possible. 

We’ve all been in them meetings where you sit down, ready to collaborate and share ideas and 20 minutes later the meeting still isn’t set up because half the meeting can’t connect or the video meeting conferencing tool isn’t setup correctly.


Kinly bring you some helpful tips into how to improve your meeting room experience to get more out of it and resulting in your business becoming more efficient. 

The Right Tools
Without the correct tools, you’ll be fighting against the meeting room rather than it adapting to your personal needs, like it should. The ability to share and collaborate with a single touch is vital, seeing the person you’re speaking to, clear and high-definition visuals. These all are needed to ensure that the meeting runs smoothly and without hiccup. The ability for everyone to share without having to run through one person like you’d have to do on older technology platforms. 

Visual collaboration platforms such as Cisco WebEx Teams and Microsoft Surface Hub take video meetings to the next level, by offering everything mentioned and much, much more. 

Sometimes businesses are slow to adapt to changing technology, and that’s the first tip. Embrace this new technology and the benefits it can provide. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) platforms ,such as Cisco WebEx Teams and Microsoft Surface Hub, offer the ability to view, share and communicate between every member of the meeting on any device. Meaning the meeting goes much smoother, nobody is left out of the meeting and you don’t have to huddle around one laptop or sheet of paper to understand what’s being talked about. 

Maximise Every Minute
Meetings are all about efficiency, maximising every minute of the meeting to ensure that the project carries on at a smooth pace or a sale isn’t interrupted by a technical glitch or interruption. No longer do you have to mess around with tangled cables, plugging in multiple devices to get platforms such as Cisco WebEx and Microsoft Surface Hub to work. It’s one cable, plug and go. Easy enough that anybody can set it up, regardless of technical expertise. 

Get in touch with a provider of Cisco WebEx and Microsoft Surface Hub platforms, such as Kinly, today and see how they can improve your workspace environment!