According to research, watching porn can have all kinds of practical benefits. So it looks like all those times sneaking around may have actually been good for you.

For example, porn can improve your attitude towards sexuality.


It can also improve your overall quality of life, especially if you are in a long-term relationship.


While porn itself is by no example to base what your sex life should be in real life, science says that it can actually also have health benefits.

Like eating vegetables..but not quite.

In fact, there has never been studies that link watching porn to things like erectile dysfunction to decreased sperm count.


Although some may consider porn "filthy", consider this other found fact: porn actually makes you stronger. Researchers believe that it comes from increased testosterone levels that came from porn itself.


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And while there's no such thing as porn addiction, according to scientists, don't ever let porn get in your way of having a healthy relationship.