If there's anything that this list of "sexiest CEOs alive" proves, is that being attractive isn't all just about looks. It's also about success, power, ambition, charisma, altruism, fashion sense, and style.  Below are the top 5 startup CEO's who've managed to dominate this year's list:


#5 Alexa Von Tobel, 29, LearnVest

Von Tobel, a former Morgan Stanley trader and Harvard Business School drop-out, calls her company "Weight Watchers for money." She's built an easy-to-follow online guide and community that makes managing finances easier than ever.

When not running LearnVest, she shares her wealth of financial knowledge as a contributing writer for Inc. magazine and Huffington Post.


#4 Jeremy Stoppelman, 35, Yelp

The Harvard Business School dropout founded Yelp in 2004 with the help of Russel Simmons, a former colleague of his at PayPal.

Stoppelman had always been interested in tech and business ever since he was a kid; at the age of 14 he opened a Schwab account and started investing in stocks using the money he earned doing chores.


#3 Hayley Barna (29) & Katia Beauchamp (30), Birchbox

Co-CEOs Barna and Beauchamp have received a ton of buzz over the innovative idea and exponential growth of their curated personal care delivery company, Birchbox. Last year the two launched Birchbox Man, branching out into another eager consumer demographic.

Beauchamp and Barna launched the company after meeting at Harvard Business School. The rest, as they say, is history.


#2 Elon Musk, 42, Tesla/SpaceX

Musk made headlines with two major announcements this year: first he announced plans to build a driverless car, and then he proposed designs for the Hyperloop, a new mode of transportation that can get people from Los Angeles to San Francisco in 35 minutes.

Naturally running not one, but two revolutionary companies keeps Musk very busy (in addition to raising five sons), but his employees are in awe of him, hailing him an "amazing visionary" who is "crazy smart."


#1 Sophia Amoruso, 29, Nasty Gal

The hip, tattooed 29-year-old started Nasty Gal as an eBay store specializing in cool vintage women's clothing in 2006. Since then, the website has grown tremendously with more than $100 million in sales and more than 550,000 customers around the world. Last year the company was named the fastest-growing retailer by Inc magazine, which also named Amoruso to their 30 Under 30 list this year.

Probably the most amazing thing of it all is that Amoruso had never worked in fashion before Nasty Gal—she was just a well-dressed young woman (and a college dropout) with a good eye for fashion.

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