Ask any project manager and they will swear by the Prince2 framework that is developed by experts, contractors, and academic trainers. The framework is designed in accordance with the current market scenario and the demands of the corporate world. It has proven to be a boon for the project managers where the experiences of the qualified experts in the field have been amalgamated to create a framework that is rate the best in the world.


Prince2 certification has 2 main levels, i.e. Foundation and Practitioner. Further, Practitioner level is sub-divided into 2 other levels, i.e.PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner certifications and PRINCE2 Practitioner.

The applicants have a choice of either getting training at one of AXELOS' Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs) or self-study for all the certification levels. 

Prince2 practitioner exam requires an in depth knowledge of the framework, a deep understanding of the implementation and implication the framework will have on one’s project.

Why Prince2 certification?
Before going into detail on the exam tips and its subsequent preparation, let us first understand how Prince2 Practitioner certification benefits the project managers. Prince2 certified project managers prove to be an asset for the organisation since they are trained to deal with any kind of situations that might arise during the course of the project.

- Has a common vocabulary that helps project managers of every field understand and train for the implementation of the framework in real time situations.
- Helps in easy and open communication between the members of the team.
- With the knowledge and experience base of over hundreds of professionals and technicians, it is designed for flexibility and is adaptive to multiple projects and their needs.
- The varied skills incorporated provide the project managers confidence to face any project and situation arising during the course of the project.
- The framework certification helps the project managers gain better job prospects in the future.

What is new in Prince2?
Prince2 has updated itself in the year 2017, taking in feedback from the existing Prince2 practitioners and experts and have made necessary changes and updates that makes it more advanced and user friendly.
The new updated Prince2 2017 version has the below listed features.

It has better flexibility, thereby; it can suit the needs of any project.
It has a better integration of agile project management to Prince2, thereby; helping you to complete the project fast and efficiently.
The themes and principles are better linked, thereby; providing hints and tips all through the curriculum.

Exam tips to follow for Prince2 practitioner

The Prince2 practitioner exam can be a little difficult but not that tedious if you are well-prepared and follow these simple tips while preparing for the same.

Be prepared
Before appearing for the exam, be prepared and have an understanding of the framework and know about the updates in the course. The new version of Prince2 is advanced and has wider scope and reach. It is vital for the applicant to have a prior knowledge of the framework.
Get proper training
Before appearing for the exam, it is of vital importance to get training from certified training institutes and qualified trainers. This will help you to get the certification easily and also, he process will seem simpler.
Certified training institutes provide you with official curriculum, expert and qualified trainers and study material. There are bound to be lesser distractions, thus, you will have better immersion and concentration level.

More importantly, you will not be duped and cheated by the certified training institutes.

Read the official PRINCE2 manual in detail
AXELOS has provided an in depth manual for the Prince2 that has everything you want to know about it. And we suggest, you read the manual in detail and understand it fully. 

The practitioner exam is an open book format and due to time constraint, it is better to have detailed notes on your official manual. Studying the manual, materials, and the study guides will help you locate the notes easily during the examination. 

Using color-coded tabs will help you locate the pages easily, thereby, saving you time and effort during the exam. 
Do it the Prince2 way
In order to pass the exam and get the certification, bear in mind, Prince2 way is the only way. Putting your personal experience as project manager to use in the exam may prove to be fatal. Your experience may contradict with the Prince2 principles and this may come in the way of your performance during the exam.
Practice, practice and more practice
As the saying goes ‘Practice makes man perfect’. The same applies for the Prince2 certification exam too. Prior to the exam, practice old question papers and take mock tests and see how well you are prepared and identify the problem areas in your preparation.

This will give you ample time to prepare for your exam and makeup for your problem areas. Practicing mock tests will help you familiarize yourself with the pattern of the questions and their wordings and thus, help you in easy understanding during the course of the exam.

Also, you will be able to calculate the time taken by you to complete the exam and if you are able to complete it within the stipulated time. This will help you to manage your time better during the exam.

Read the questions carefully
Anyone who has appeared for the Prince2 certification exam will tell you how confusing and ambiguous the questions can be.

Read between the lines and take time to read each question as you might give the incorrect answer in your haste to complete the exam. There are words within the questions that will specify how the examiner wants you to answer the questions.

For instance, if a question states ‘According to Prince2’, then be sure to answer from the manual strictly as the examiner wants only a theoretical answer from you.