Every student understands how difficult it is to sit down and study. Apart from the fact that there are so many things to do like going to class, writing essay, doing reports, quizzes, etc. There are also other important social stuffs to attend to, like that party invitation you received, hanging out with friends, those funny skit videos you just have to watch, making and finding memes and stickers, your social media accounts, movies and TV shows to keep up with. And then, when you sit down to study, distractions begin to crop up and you may end up not reading at all.

Here are top study distractions and how you can cope with them:

1. The noisy roommates/dorm mates distraction

Trying to study in your room or dorm can get really annoying, especially when you have a noisy roommate or noisy dorm mate. Some people have developed the ability to tune out unnecessary noise when reading but not everyone has this ability. This is why you need to find a way to cope with your noisy roommates so you can get some studying done.

If you can’t tune out your noisy dorm mates, you need to learn how to drown them out with music. However, if you can’t read with noisy roommates, there is always the chance that you can’t read with music as well. The best way to cope with the noisy roommates distractions is simply to find somewhere else to read other than your room or dorm. Somewhere far away from your noisy and chatty roommates or friends will work like a library, a reading room, a peaceful café or a peaceful spot somewhere on campus.

2. Games, movies and TV shows

As someone who was a student once myself, I know how hard it is to leave a good game or TV show for study. Usually, my mantra is “after this round” or “after this episode” but all of these things are very engrossing and it can be pretty hard to move away from them.

The best way to cope against these distractions is to run away from them and define where they are readily available as a no-study zone. The only way to get any studying done is to leave the familiar environment where any of these distractions are readily available for a “quick break”, especially if you don’t know how to discipline yourself. You can go to a library to read and keep your phone (which you can play games with) switched off or at home.

3. Nonchalant reading buddies

We all have those kinds of friends, people who love to party, play around, chat and do anything other than studying. Its fine to have such friends. They have a lot to offer as well, even though they may not be good at studying. In fact, it was a party friend of mine who introduced me to custom essay writing service that offers assignment writing help. I used to be really bad at writing academic essays, so I had to find someone to help me write my assignment at an affordable price and my party-loving friend who wasn’t a great writer as well, introduced me to an online custom service. Even though you can have fun and hang out with this kind of friends, it’s too dangerous to have them as reading partners, except they’re ready to be serious because they can serve as big distractions.

You need to pick up reading buddies who are ready to work and leave behind your nonchalant friends, whenever you want to read. This is simply because they can easily distract you with gossip or trending social media subject, when you should be studying. When you’re done studying, you can hang out with your friends.

4. The internet

According to WVEA, American teenagers spend up to nine hours a day with digital technology. If you spend up to that amount of time online, then you need to quickly start weaning yourself off the internet because you’re slowly becoming an addict. The internet is becoming a big distraction and if you’re not careful, it can take over your life.  There is also the issue of social media being a big source of distraction. Many people, especially introverts with little social lives, use social media as the best way to communicate with others and make friends. There are also people who are completely obsessed with getting followers, likes, retweets and friends on social media.

The best way to combat the distraction of the internet while studying is to turn off your cell phone or put it in airplane mode. You can also choose to turn off your internet access or Wi-Fi. There are also free and premium applications which you can install on your Smartphone to block internet distractions and study.

5. Familiar environments

Trying to read in your room where you play games, watch movies and entertain yourself is a very bad idea. Just like trying to read while lying down on your bed, you will most likely fall asleep. It’s a written rule for me that I don’t read on my bed because once my head hits the pillow, I usually doze off in minutes.

The best way to cope with the familiar environment distraction is to divide parts of your house into studying and no-study zones. This way when you find yourself in the empty sitting room upstairs which is your study zone, you know that you’re meant to be studying. You can also get a chair and table into your room so you know that once you’re seated there, it’s study time.


There are many distractions to studying but if you don’t discipline yourself, then you won’t be able to study. If you can’t discipline yourself enough to study when you need to, then the odd is; you won’t be able to discipline yourself enough to do productive things. Just remember that those who made that smartphone, game, movie and TV show you love watching so much, had to discipline themselves to get it done.