A cartoon's a cartoon, right? There's not much depth in to it, right? If you asked conspiracy theorists, they'll be able to tell you all kinds of things, especially with these cartoons below. Check out some of them in the list:

1. The Smurfs is an allegory for white supremacy. Some people think that their white caps look like KKK hoods, while Papa Smurf's red cap looks like the red hood of the "Grand Wizard" - the leader of each KKK branch.


2. The Smurfs are antisemitic, claiming that they live in an utopia plagued by one man who looks like a stereotypical Jew.


3. Donald Duck has PTSD, which explains his erratic behavior, because she was a paratrooper in WWII.


4. Aladdin is set in the future - The Genie has been in the lamp for 10,000 years, and when he comes out, he says that Aladdin's clothes are so 'third century.' That would set the movie in at least the year 10,300.


5. Aladdin's Genie and the salemsman are the same person. They are both voiced by Robin Williams, and they even dress the same. But this is the clincher: they are the only two characters in the film that have four fingers.


6. In Pinky and The Brain, "Pinky" is the smart one. Pinky always foils Brain's plan to take over the world, meaning he outsmarts him all the time!


7. Scooby Doo takes place in a major economic depression, because of all the empty and abandoned warehouses, stores, and other buildings.


8. Tom and Jerry are British and German soldiers. Tommies was a slang for British soldiers, while British called Germans Jerries.


9. Each major character in Spongebob is on drugs. Apparently, all caused by meth.


10. Courage the Cowardly Dog has no monsters in it, because it's all in his imagination. The dog's owners are too old to take him for walks, so he makes them all up in his mind.


11. The Flinstones takes place in a post-apocalyptic future because it has cars, TVs, and more, which isn't an accurate representation of the Stone Age.


12. Pokemon takes place after a great war, because it seems that there are no adults in the film.


13. The professor from The Powerpuff Girls is Samurai Jack.