We’ve been glued to the box since the second half of the Twentieth Century. Over time it has grown to define the lives of thousands, and developed into a diverse and respected form of media. Today streaming services have brought a whole host of great shows to the attention of a wider audience. Thousands of shows have aired, and we’ve got a list of six of the very best ones for you to enjoy. We’re going to cover:

Outlandish UK comedy
Experimental humour shows from Chester
Exceptional offerings from HBO


1. Shooting Stars
This anarchic product from the minds of Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer remains a peerless example of what you could get away with in the 90’s. Bringing together some of the biggest celebrities of the time for a bizarre jamboree of meaningless questions and chaotic challenges, it remains one of the finest shows of all time.

2. Frank’s Fantastic Shed Show
The first show of Frank Sidebottom, Timperley best loved resident, was a strange combination of late night chat show, live music and sketch comedy. Set in the egg-headed star’s shed, cluttered with toys and other rubbish, it saw guests departing with prizes of lard, and a number of achingly Nineties performances by popular bands of the time.

Guess Who’s Been on Match of the Day?

3. The Bill
The hard hitting, long running UK police soap has seen a host of memorable characters pass through over the years. Bob Cryer, Tony Stamp and Reg all left indelible marks on the nation’s consciousness. The Jasmine Allen Estate became a byword for social deprivation, while the mythical Sun Hill was a shining representation of London’s wonder.

4. Bad Girls
Taking place in HMP Lark Hall, this show was ahead of its time. Some genuinely risque plots set it aside from many other soaps. And a host of fantastic characters kept the nation gripped. The Julies, Shell Dockley, the Book of Ra  and Jim Fenner were all shining representations of life in a women’s prison.

5. Countdown
This fantastic show has been a TV staple since time immemorial. A combination of fiendishly difficult anagram puzzlers, combined with tricky maths challenges, has made this a standout of the schedules for decades. Who can forget watching in rapture as Richard Whiteley and Carol Vorderman spun webs of letters and numbers before your very eyes?

6. The Sopranos
The hard hitting family drama cum crime thriller was one of HBO’s most enduring successes. Featuring an immensely talented cast, including a number of actors with actual experience of Italian mob life, it became the first TV show to be talked about at dinner parties. The show lasted a long time, and featured an immensely divisive ending that is still being talked about today. Sadly lead actor James Gandolfini is no longer with us, but the show’s lasting impact on the world of TV remains as strong as ever.

And that’s our complete rundown of the six best TV series ever. There’s a lot of competition, and these are our own personal picks. Doubtless we will see much fantastic television in the years to come.