Want to get the lowdown on penis pumps? These gadgets are more than just a quick fix to a flaccid problem, and some even have medical purposes. Here's a quick list on what you need to know:
Penis Pump—What’s That?
The term “penis pump” is pretty much self-explanatory, but the correct term is ‘vacuum constriction device,’ or VCD. Some also refer to it as a vacuum erection device [VED], but VCD is the most common terminology.

What It’s Used For

It's commonly used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED), but it also helps in treating men who have had prostate cancer or are going through penile rehabilitation (due to having prostatectomy). The VCD can be used to gain an erection or maintain an 'erect length' since it basically engorged and lengthens the penis to keep the elasticity of the tissue intact.

How It Works

The purpose of the device is to draw blood to the penis to create an erection. Once you’re hard, you can place a constriction ring around the base of the penis to hold the blood in place and maintain the erection.

Where Can You Get Them?

Men can get a VCD from a pharmacy, but those tend to be of lesser quality than the ones that would be given to you through a medical provider. Store-bought devices tend to be plastic, while those from the doctor are typically battery-operated, made of higher-quality materials and have a pop-off valve (which is a safety feature that controls the amount of pressure within the cylinder)

Are They Safe?

Absolutely, if you follow the instructions. It's a great alternative to treating ED without the need for pharmaceutical pills, thus eliminating all those side effects and risks of the oral treatments.