You want to have a seamless college life experience. One way to achieve this is to have a smooth commute to school. So, if you stay off campus, you should choose a convenient means of transport. One of the greatest options available is riding a motorbike. Before you consider using a motorbike to college, you should know how to ride it – it will enhance your safety and that of people who will be riding next to you. Also, you should have the requisite license and insurance. Besides, you need safety gear, and it should include:

A helmet
A riding jacket
High-visibility vest

Advantages of Commuting to School by Motorbike


Commuting to college via a bike comes with many advantages. Here are the major ones.

It’s a More Affordable Commuting Option

You already have many expenses to take care of as a college student. For instance, you need to pay for your tuition, accommodation, and food and even hire a writer at EssayUSA. If you add commuting to this list, the financial strain may become overwhelming for you. So, you should find a way to keep these expenses in control.

Fortunately, it’s more affordable to commute by riding a motorcycle to college. First, the initial cost of purchasing a motorbike is lower than that of a car. Also, motorcycles are more energy efficient compared to cars. With gas prices always on the rise, you can save some money when you commute using a motorbike.

So, how do you get money to purchase your college motorbike? Given that they are cheaper than cars, you can work part-time as you continue with your studies. You then save money to purchase your motorbike. Another option is to ask for funds from your parents. They’d be willing to help you out if they are in a position to.

Motorbike Riding Is Fun

You may be going through a lot of stressful situations as a collegian. For instance, you may be struggling with academic work, financial hurdles, or relationship issues. You need a break from these issues, and the best way out is to find something fun to do.

Riding a motorbike to college each morning can be the source of fun you’re looking for. First, the breeze that hits you has a therapeutic effect. Also, you can have time to explore your neighborhood and have a feel of what the area has to offer. You can also meet other riders on your way to college and have fun on the way – such people can even become your friends.

There are many ways to make motorbike riding even more fun. One of them is to find a friend who also prefers using a motorbike as a means of transport – you can commute together each morning as you explore your city. Another great way is to use a different route each day; it’ll make the commute exciting.

It Saves You Commuting Time

You already have a lot to deal with as a college student. For instance, you have college lectures, extracurriculars, assignments, and even a part-time job. All these activities consume a lot of your time, and this is one reason you might buy essay to create time for rest or have fun with your friends. 

You can save time on your commute when you use a motorbike to go to your college. For example, you enjoy more flexibility when you use a motorbike – you can choose the shortest route to school. The same may not be possible when you’re using a car. Moreover, you can choose a route with the least traffic. You can then allocate the time you save to other pressing college activities.

Less Hassle Finding a Good Parking Space

Finding an ideal parking space when you drive your car to college can be challenging; you could waste a lot of your time. By the time you identify the right spot, you find your class already in progress. If this happens to you frequently, your academic performance can suffer. 

A motorbike requires a smaller parking space compared to a car. In most cases, these parking spaces are on almost all parts of the college environment. That means you can conveniently park and walk a few steps to the venue of your class. This convenience means you can arrive at your classes at the right time and be in a position to focus on the academic content your instructor delivers.

Cons of Commuting to College Via a Motorbike


You’re also bound to face some challenges when you use your motorbike to commute to college. The top disadvantages include the following.

Exposure to Extreme Weather Conditions

When you’re riding a motorbike, your whole body is exposed to the external environment. It means you’re exposed to elements of weather, including heavy rainfall and storms. These conditions can be inconvenient as you might be forced to take shelter before proceeding with your journey. The best way to navigate this is to check weather forecasts each day before you embark on your journey to school. If it’s impossible to use your motorbike, look for alternatives.

Limited Cargo Space

In some cases, you may have cargo that you want to go with to school. For example, you may be a music enthusiast, and you need to carry several of your guitars to school. With the motorbike, it may not be possible to carry them because of the limited cargo space. The same applies when you intend to go grocery shopping after school.

More Vulnerable to Theft and Accidents

Although you could follow all the traffic laws as you ride your motorbike to college, other road users may not do the same. That leaves you in a vulnerable position in case of an accident. Also, a motorbike is smaller than a car and is, therefore, easier to steal.


Riding a motorbike to college could be one of the best decisions you make. It saves time, it’s easier to find a parking spot, and you’ll have fun while commuting to school. However, you may also have some cons to deal with – safety issues, exposure to elements of weather, and limited cargo space. Nevertheless, the pros outweigh the cons.