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Hello ladies! And gentlemen who want to contribute a say or two to the ladies' section.

Fooyoh is looking for contributors! Because there are too many awesome things happening around the web that we sometimes miss out on, we figured our readers would know what could be interesting to feature on Fooyoh!

You don't need any writing experience, although some would be great (preferably understandable English writing). Our contributor system works on a first come first serve basis and you'll be paid by the amount of reads your article gets, and seeing that there's shitloads of things to write about, we do recommend that  you write fast. And fabulously.

Don't despair if your article didn't get published, because it probably means someone else got to it first. Boohoo!

Here are some of the things that might make you a better a contributor:

- Writing morning posts: Write them fast, thoroughly and creatively.
- Writing night posts: Because all the cool things usually happen at night. And you are probably more free from work, or studies.
- Reporting from the field: Believe it or not, but there's life outside of the Internet. In fact some of the most interesting things in life happen on the field. Video it, photograph it. Post it. C'est simple!
- Spotting cool, hip and happening pieces. It could be viral, it could be strange, it could be groundbreaking. And it can be published by us, for you.
- If you have an opinion about a certain issue (example: iPhone 4 antenna) you can make an assessment and review the issue. If it's relevant to time and subject, we will publish it. Darlin', please don't review the bitch who stole your hairstyle or how terrible your lunch was.

Note: You don't have to write all the time. Just when you have something interesting to say, and original or cover any new tech related news that smells of amazing.

How things get approved in Fooyoh:

Although we are pretty lenient, we do require fluency in current issues and viral stuff. You should be able to translate your idea and article into something everyone can understand. We appreciate jokes and puns in sentences, although, you really don't need to be a clown and insert one in every sentence you write.

You'll also need some basic knowledge or experience with HTML, Flickr, the Internet, and the English language. We want "An earthquake broke out in outer-space earlier today on the dunes of Mars" and not "ZOMG An earthquake happenz in space today at mars just now gosh omg so scary!!!!!!!"

So if you spot amazing stories or events, put them together in an article, because every Fooyoh reader is looking for something awesome to read everyday.

Write them well and you'll get star ratings! Like me.

Before applying, we recommend that you check out our Contributor system. There are tips, Q&A and help files to get you started.

Fooyoh Contributor program allows you to:
  • Create original content (articles, videos or images.) on any topic you choose

  • Connect with our audience of fooyoh entertainment network visitors

  • Earn money every time your content is viewed

  • Claim exclusive freelance writing opportunities

  • Establish your expertise by applying to our Featured Contributor program

  • Join our community of Contributors. Get published. Get paid.

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