Eyelash extensions are gorgeous, but delicate! With the right care, your lush lashes can last the full 4-6 weeks between fills. Want to protect your investment in long-lasting beauty? Here are 10 pro tips to help your fabulous extensions look flawless a bit longer...Ready to explore classic eyelash extensions for a timeless appeal?


1. Gently brush morning and night. 

Carefully brush extensions from base to tip using a specialty lash brush or clean mascara wand. This distributes oils, removes dust, and reshapes any twisted lashes. Go slowly and be gentle! Never brush hard or pull on the extensions. A light touch is key for happy lashes.

2. Avoid oil-based products near your eyes!

Oils - whether in makeup remover or skin care - can loosen the bond of individual extensions. Always use oil-free, water-based products only around your eyes to prevent slipping. And don't rub your eyes! Lightly dab products around the lash line instead. 

3. Sleep on your back if you can.

I know this one is tough! But sleeping face down or on your side can rub against the pillow and bend or twist extensions. Try to snooze on your back when possible so extensions wake up neat and aligned. Use a soft satin pillowcase too - less friction!

4. Skip perms and tints during wear.

Hold off on eyelash perms or tints while wearing extensions to avoid further chemicals affecting the bond. Let your extensions enhance your gaze on their own without perms and tints...for now. You can resume lash treatments after a fill or when extensions are removed.

5. Don't cheap out on fill-ins!

It’s tempting to delay fill appointments to save money. But spacing fills longer than recommended by your stylist (usually 2-4 weeks) allows extensions to shed and look thin. Missing fills means losing lashes! Stick to the ideal schedule for lush, full lashes from fill to fill.  

Bonus Tip: Shield Extensions from Damage 

- Avoid rubbing eyes roughly - dab gently if needed
- Use eyewear and eye shields in steamy showers  
- Don't pick or pull on extensions 
- Seek shelter during high winds!

Lash extensions are an investment in long-lasting beauty. With proper care between appointments, you’ll get the most of your eye-opening set! So be gentle, use lash-friendly products only, and schedule fills on time. Your stylist will thank you...and your bombshell eyes will turn heads a bit longer.

6. No need to hold back on crying or showering!  

Good news - you can still ugly cry to sappy movies or enjoy steamy showers without ruining your extensions. Just gently dab eyes dry after crying jags, and keep water off your face in the shower. Crying and showering won't instantly destroy extensions, so don't hold back!

7. Resist the urge to pull or pick at extensions.

I know it’s tempting to fiddle with your brand new lashes. But twisting, pulling or picking at extensions can damage the bond or natural lashes underneath. Keep your paws off! If an extension lifts or seems loose, leave it alone and let your lash artist handle it.

8. Makeup should glide on gently near lash lines.

When applying liner, shadow or mascara, lightly sweep or stamp products close to the lash line. Avoid pulling or tugging on the skin near extensions. No need to cake on mascara either - let your lush extensions do the work! 

9. Rock sunnies to shield against UV light.

Sunglasses don't just make you look cool. They also protect fragile extensions from UV rays that can weaken the bonds. Shield your lush lashes from sunlight with chic shades!

10. No need to look down during application or fills.  

Unlike strip lashes, extensions are applied and filled while your eyes are open and looking ahead. No need to stare at the floor! Keeping eyes forward helps the stylist adhere extensions properly along your natural lash lines.  

Be patient with the process, avoid rubbing your eyes, and speak up about comfort. With proper application and your careful lash-friendly habits, eyelash extensions will have you batting those beauties for weeks!