It’s not just the customers that care about what the reviews are saying about your company, but Google also cares, which is why it can impact your seo. It can seem tedious to keep asking your clients to post reviews after a purchase, but this is part of being a business owner. You should not only make sure that you are asking them for reviews, but you also need to be aware of just how this can affect the seo for your business.

How Reviews Impact SEO

If you have recently gotten a review or if you are thinking about asking customers to post them, then you need to know how it can affect your seo. Here are some of the main ways it can have an impact, such as:

Creation of new content – The more new content you have around your business the better and the reviews will be fresh content. They are going to be relevant to the searches, they are unique and they are useful to others, which means they might want to share the information. When these are published they are often written on your Google My Business page, which will show them at the top and new content will keep customers coming back.

Long tail keywords – Also, when reviews are left there might be some long tail keywords that are used within the review that would draw more attention. If you are responding to the reviews, then you should try to add your own keywords, especially the longer ones to draw more attention to it.

Rich snippets – These days the snippets are what Google shows at the top of the results and you want to be there. If you have a good review, then these would show up on top and would get you more traffic than other methods. These are hard to get, especially if you are in a competitive industry, so the more positive reviews you have, then the higher chance you have of getting up there.

Authority – When you have a higher ranking in the search engines, then you would have a level of authority in the eyes of the viewer. The higher authority level you have, then the more customers and readers are going to listen to you, which will also increase the level of traffic to your page.

Star rating – You also want to know about the star ranking and you should have at least a 3 star rating, which is extremely important. This will be another one of the first things that the customer sees and if they don’t at least 3 stars, then they will skip to the next business. Try to get around 30 reviews every single year that would help to increase your business.

You always want to make sure that you know just how online reviews are going to impact your business and why you need to ask for them. If you aren’t sure about how they will impact you, then you might think that you can ignore them, but you can’t since they directly affect your SEO Services through Google ranks and more.

If you want to be known as an authority in the industry that you are working in, then you need to be trusted by the customers. The only way to be completely trusted is by getting positive reviews from them and these are going to create new content. Not only that, but the way that they are written can help you with getting new long tail keywords that would drive more traffic to your site and much more. Go ahead and respond to these and even ask your clients to post them so that you can get fresh content and higher